Sunday, September 15, 2019

How many times have you filled out an application or some sort of social media page and you see the section that says, "bio" or "about me".  Well, every time I see that I cringe literally cringe. There are so many questions that go through my head.  I hate the starting point it is absolutely torture to me.  My question to everyone is, "What if you are exactly like me and you are completely and utterly boring"??  I mean I am a mom first and foremost which anyone who is a mom knows exactly how this works.  I am a house keeper, a doorman, a customer service person, a chef ( microwave meals do count), a laundry mat that does come with ironing and steaming clothes, a ruler of my wonderful kingdom, I am the best organizer (even if people don't get it).  One minute I am yelling to hurry up because I am the alarm clock or timer and the next minute I want to cuddle. I am a doctor, a therapist, true believer in tough love, nutritionist, a teacher and tutor, a friend, a movie critic, and a chauffeur.  Then I am a wife of a wonderful husband of eleven years and we have been together off and on for nineteen years (you will get to know the story later).  As a doting wife I am a compromiser (if that is even a word), a lover, a companion, a listener, and  I can test patience like nobody s business.  My most stunning attribute has to be I am the master complainer.  My two top subjects are what he doesn't understand about the kids and stuff he doesn't do.  Lucky for me he loves me and puts up with me.  Did you notice it my expertise that I left out grocery shopping?  There was a main reason for that.  See not only do I go grocery shopping for my house but I go grocery shopping for other people.  You did read that correctly.  I currently have a part time job where people get to go on an app pick there grocery store and go shopping.  I am the lucky candidate who receives the order , rushes around the store to make sure I get all items,  go threw the check out line,  to load all of the groceries in the car, to then drive to the customers house, and to finally bring the groceries to the customer.  I like it because I can fit my work schedule around school, sports, and my husbands crazy work schedule.  After running around all day and night, after the child is warmly in bed ( of course good night kisses are an order),  the husband is in his bed sleeping soundly, now it is Shh!! Me Time!!

Ahhh, finally sometime for me and I have been waiting all day for this hour.  I make sure to have something to drink (depends on the day I have had), my tissues (just in case), along with my tablet, and I sit down and read.  Yes,  I am a reader, but I look to my books as a way of relaxing and escaping reality.  Now,  I  might be disappointing you, but I only read a certain type of books.  I do have standards and they fall in to the romantic genre or erotica depending on the day.  I have certain expectations of what I need form them.  I want them, steamy, dirty, sexy, swoon worthy ( who doesn't want a book boyfriend),  with awesome characters, and a really good plot. 

I am going to let you in a little secret there is maybe a handful of people who know how much I read and what I actually read.  Well, maybe only two know about my erotica side and yes one of them is my husband.  I mean who doesn't like to experiment especially if the author is really good and gives an awesome play by play. Now, I will admit that some scenes should stay in the book to give it that sexy vibe, but also do not work in our bedroom. I have read a lot of blogs and love them, but I feel like something is missing for my taste.  This is where I can express my opinions on matters and have feed back whether you agree or disagree.  So, I want to welcome you to my world of steamy novels and opinions!!!

Remember Shh!! MeTime!!

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