The Setup by Rachel Van Dyken

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Book four of the Bro Code Series!!

Title: The Setup
  Series: Bro Code Series
  Book: #4
Author: Rachel Van Dyken

Side note: Loved it!!

  Goodreads: 4.43
  Plot: 4.5
  Characters: 4.5
  Interesting: 4.5
  Tie up loose ends: 4.5
  Length: 4 (wanted it to be a tad longer)
  Sexiness: 4.5
  Overall: 4.42

  Have I read other books by the author: Yes.
  Recommend: The other books in the Bro Code Series and Wingmens Inc. Series
  Will I read more: Yes!!
  Thoughts on Author:
    This book did not disappoint at all.  All four books were interesting and I enjoyed them all!!
    Sometimes when a series is written the books run out of steam well this was not the case. 
    I really do love her books!!

Book Info:
  Kindle Unlimited: Yes.
  Cliffhanger: Yes.
  P.O.V.: Both
  Main Character: Finn and Jillian


Finn, Finn, Finn.  He is officially the last one.  Last one to join the coperate part of Wingmen Inc. and the last single guy in the group.  The first meeting he goes to he new task is to vet the new version of the app and he will have a partner on this project.  The idea is to fill out the application and go on dates with his matched.  His work partner will do the same only she will be taking the female prospective of the app.  With the new job, the new project, Aunt Nadine, and a new dog his hands are full.  Is there time to find his special someone?

Jillian is the office manager for Wingmen Inc.  She desperate for a promotion and Wingmen Inc. is offering her the opportunity.  The only thing she need to do is complete the new project.  Not hard, right?  Well, what if there is a no  fraternizing policy.  Just so happens the guy she has had a crush on all through college is her new work partner.  What if the crush she thought she left at college is back?  What if it is turning into more than a little crush she thought she had?  Drama, drama, drama.

My thoughts:

In this series Bro Code is centered around the company Wingmen Inc.   This company is a dating app that pairs a couple together based on what people have in common.  Well, here in reality we do have apps like that but unlike in these wonderful books there is not always a HEA.  A previous review I talked about one of my friends who had a crazy experience with an dating website.  This time I am going to give you a different friend of mine who also did the online dating thing.

My friend Alex had just gotten out of a seven year relationship and when she was ready to start dating again a couple of us suggested trying online dating.  I remember helping her fill out the application and laughing at the choices they gave her to choose from.  They immediately matched her with a guy which she can't even remember his name.  But she does remember how odd and weird their interactions were.  With all dating apps/websites we look at the profile deeper only if we find the person attractive.  If they are not attractive we move along.  Vain yes, reality yes.   The guy was good looking and my friend decided to contact him.  They talked for a few weeks, but she started to notice in every picture he sent he had a hat on his head.  Alex casually at first brought up the fact he must like to wear hats and he just brushed her off.  It wasn't until their last conversation were things made a  turn into the weird zone.  He asked her if she had any flaws.  At first she was kind of stumped as to why he would ask something like that.  He explained he need to know what was wrong with her enable for him to tell her what was wrong with him.  Weird right?  When she explained to him a few of her insecurities he blurted out he was bald.  It wasn't the fact he was bald that threw her off it was the way he made it so awkward afterwards by talking about his baldness.  It was like once he confessed he was bald he would not stop talking about it.  Well, that was the end for him.

The second guy she met on the dating website was a guy who seemed to have a lot in common with her.  She talked to him for a few weeks and decided to meet up for coffee.  When she walked in to the coffee shop she was relieved his profile picture matched who he was.  While having coffee the conversation was flowing and there was amazing chemistry between them.  They decided to extend the date and take a walk around a park.  After a while she told him she had to go pick up her niece.  Alex noticed he was starting to lean into her.  Her first thought was he was going to kiss her and she felt it was too soon.  At the last second she turn her head figuring a kiss on the cheek would be cute.  Oh but she didn't get a kiss on the cheek.  Nope he decided to lick her cheek!!  Yes you read that right.  HE LICKED HER CHEEK!!  She was so stunned by him licking her cheek (wouldn't you) she ended up saying thank you and walked away.  When she was telling me the story I couldn't help, but laugh.  Hysterically I might add.

Her two attempts at dating through the internet were not the best experiences she had by far.  Some people do find love on these sites/apps.  Unfortunately, she was not one of them.

Did you find love through and app or site?  Let me know.

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