Royal Elite Epilogue by Rina Kent

 An amazing end to an unforgettable series!!

Title: Royal Elite Epilogue

Author: Rina Kent

Series: Royal Elite

Book #: 7

If you have not read this series yet, please do.  This series is a must read.  Below I will have a list of the books in order for you in case you are interested.  


As much as I love this series, this was the best ending. The author wrapped everything up and gave you a little more insight to the characters. I wish more series' would have a final epilogue like his one.

From the first book to this one have been incredible!! The series was very well written and this book was no different. This book had humor, emotion, alpha males, and definitely swoon worthy.

This series is definitely reread material. I can not wait to what the author has up her sleeve next!!

*Cruel King

*Deviant King

*Steel Princess

*Twisted Kingdom

*Black Knight

*Vicious Prince

*Ruthless Empire

And if you want more there is a Duet

*Reign of a King

*Rise of a Queen

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