So that Got Weird: A Painfully Awkward Love Story by Amelia Kingston

Hey everyone!!

This book was really good!!

Title: So that Got Weird: A Painfully Awkward Love Story
Author: Amelia Kingston

Side note: New author for me!!

Ratings: (1-5)
  Good reads:
  Tie up loose ends:

  Have I read other books by this author: No.
  Will I read more from this author: Yes.
  Thoughts on author:  I enjoyed this book.  The characters were well developed and the chemistry
     was sooo good.  I have to say I will be definitely looking for her next book to come out.

Book Info:
  Kindle Unlimited: No
  Cliff hanger: No
  P.O.V.: Dual


Elizabeth is a shy, socially awkward 21 year old girl who finds dating rather hard.  She has a total of one friend who she met through a computer game.  She dates guys who are as awkward as she is, but she seems to end up more awkward then them.  Her friend gives her an idea to hire an escort to take her V-card and to get it over with.  Elizabeth decides to do research for escorts before she just calls an agency.  She comes across a website which gives her details on the guys on campus.  After long consideration and making sure she is read to do this she makes a decision  Elizabeth decides to go with the guy who is a football player, has the best scores in bed, and someone who does no strings attached.  She doesn't want a wham bam thank you ma'am session.  Elizabeth wants to be taught about intimacy and she believes Austin is going to be the perfect guy.

Austin is foster kid who is on a football scholarship.  He eats, sleeps, works out, has a part time job, and plays football.  What he doesn't expect is a mousy, frizzy brown haired, clothes twice her size to sit down across from him at the library.  Austin definitely doesn't believe she wants to hire him to be her sex tutor.  Who would actually hire someone for that?  He decides she is crazy and turns down the offer.  Austin ends up loosing his job and the money Elizabeth is offering might not be so bad.  But can he actually go through with it?

My thoughts:

Socially awkward.

Who isn't?

I do not care if you are charming, outgoing, the life of the party there are always moments where you feel uncomfortable.  Times where you have no idea what to say to the other person.  Times where you say something and people around you give a strange look.  Or everyone around is laughing at a joke or comment and you are the only one not laughing.

Everyone has these moments in our lives.  Some just have it happen more often then others.  For example, I am cautious when I first meet people.  Unless I am working because I have to talk to strangers all the time.  I'm talking more on social occasions.  I stay quiet and usually ends up the other person doing most of the talking.  The whole time I am thinking what can I say or do to be part of this conversation.  Small talk is not my forte, at all.  Now, you meet me a second time and I like you I will not shut up.  Strange?  Absolutely!! The more comfortable I am with you the more I will let you in.

My husband on the other hand is almost the complete opposite.  My husband is the type of person who has never met a stranger.  He always seems to know what to say and how to talk to people.  He should receive an award for small talk.  I let you in on a little secret he is the master of covering up how uncomfortable he can be.

My husband can never remember anyone's name.  Which makes for the most awkward situation when he sees the person.  He usually will default to buddy or some other generic name.  When we were younger I used to sit back and watch for what nickname he was going to come up with for the person.  Am I horrible for not bailing him out?  Yes, I am.  Eventually  we have come up with a system to alleviate the problem.  When he is suppose to introduce me and I start to feel the tension I know he is totally lost.  I swoop in and automatically stick out my hand and introduce myself.  They in return will say their name and I make sure I reiterate the persons name.  This is a clue to my husband as to what his or her name is.  He will be able to use there name for the duration of the conversation and fingers crossed he remembers at a later date.

So, if you are socially awkward just know you are not alone.  Smile, embrace it, and move on.  You never know if the other person feels the same way you do.  Maybe they have a better poker face then you thought!!

As always,

Shh!! Me Time!!

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