Seducing Mrs. Robinson by Rachel Van Dyken

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I finished book two and here is my review and of course my thoughts.

Title: Seducing Mrs. Robinson
   Series: Bro Code
   Number of book in Series: 2
Author: Rachel Van Dyken

Side note: The first book in the series ( "Co-Ed") I had reviewed and is up on the page.

Ratings: (1-5)
  Goodreads: 4.31
  Characters: 4.5
  Plot: 4.5
  Interesting: 4.5
  Tie up loose ends: 5
  Length: 4
  Sexiness: 4
  Overall: 4.41

  Have I read books by this author: Yes.
  Recommend: Wingmen Inc. Series and I will always love the Consequences series
  Will I read more from this author: I can not wait for her next book to come out!!
  Thoughts on Author: 
    Ms. Van Dyken is one of my favorites.  Humor is always present in every book.  Not only is there      humor she touches on topic that are heavy.  Her writing and attention to detail makes for amazing        books!!

Book Info:
  Kindle Unlimited: Yes.
  Cliffhanger: No.
  P.O.V.: Both
  Main Characters: Kora and Leo


This is a story about a boy who has a crush on his teacher and is hoping he will have a second chance.  Leo had a major crush on his high school teacher.  To him she was young and beautiful.  And as most teenage boys' drawing attention to himself whether positive or negative was well worth it as long as she noticed him.  Unfortunately, for him she does not cross the line (as so it should be).  The day of graduation Leo sees Mrs. Robinson arguing with her husband.  When he sees her husband start to get physical he steps in to do the right thing.  Leo walks away knowing this is just a school boy crush and her has college to look forward to.  Fast forward to Leo's senior year in college and he is part of Wingmens Inc.  When Leo walks in to one of his classes and noticed a woman at the front of the room.  At a closer look he realizes this is his Mrs. Robinson.  He notices there is something different in her posture and the clothes she is wearing.  He knows there is domething has been unkind to her since the last time he seen her.  And his job is to get to the bottom of it and maybe he can get his second chance.

Kora Robinson has had the worse time of her life.  Not only is she living alone but her estrange husband will not sign the divorce papers.  He keeps putting it off and she is tired of jumping through hoops just so he might sign the papers.  Kora is having a hard time in moving forward in her life and is finding it hard to find herself.  Kora can not believe Leo is not only in her class, but what company he works for.  One to many glasses of wine later and of course curiosity she signs herself up for Wingmens Inc.  Problem is can she survive the attention of three men who are there to show her how to love herself.

My Thoughts:

Is there anyone out there who has not had a crush on there teacher?  How about a TA?  Maybe a professor?  I remember my first crush on a teacher and I still can remember him.

My first and only teacher crush was my ninth grade history teacher.  The first day of school I remember walking into the class room and froze.  My friend who was behind me ended up bumping into me.  Then she froze because she finally seen what had stopped me in my tracks.  Standing there behind his desk was the most beautiful man I had seen in my fourteen years of my life.  He wasn't tall probably 5'9" but man was he built.  Broad shoulders, trim waist, and lets just say even back then I knew he had a tight ass.  When he looked up to welcome people to the class I was definitely embarrassing myself.  My mouth was hanging open and I probably was drooling just a little.  He had the darkest brown hair I ever seen and bright green eyes which was such a contrast to his olive skin.  I finally made my way to what would be my desk for year.  Of course I took the desk right upfront and right in front of his desk.  Creepy? Yes, yes I was, but he was a man.

Not only was he absolutely gorgeous, but he had this way about him.  He was always smiling and always trying to involve everyone in the class.  He would sit on his desk or stand on his desk  and be so passionate about what he taught.  It was like he wanted you to be as excited as he was about history.  He would always give more information than needed.  He would want you to want to learn more and wanted you to question.  By him being so knowledgeable and charming not only made history more exciting, but my crush was hard core. and being so charming made history more exciting to me.

I can say most of the girls he taught thought the same way I did.  And the boys wanted to be him.  He also coached the girls varsity softball team and the boys' soccer team.  I can not tell you how many moms would come to the game just to watch him and gossip about him.  Hey, who could blame them.

So, I just took a little break to see if I could find him on Facebook to see what he looks like now.  I mean at 14 he was THE MAN for me.  Now, at 33 not so much.  He might have been my dream man at one point, but definitely not now.  Without being totally judgmental lets just say not only did he not age well, but even in the way he carries himself in pictures is not what I remember.  Funny, how he could have been that way along, but our minds build up what we want to believe not what is actually there. 

Do you have a story for me?  If so let me know!!

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