Tequila Tequila by Emma Hart

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Title: Tequila Tequila
Author: Emma Hart

Side note: Standalone book

Ratings: (1-5)
   Goodreads: 3.82
   Characters: 3.5
   Plot: 5
   Interesting: 5
   Tie up loose ends:5
   Length: 4.5
   Sexiness: 4
   Overall: 4.5

Have I read other books by the author:  Yes, I have.

Will I read other books by the author: Yes.

Book Info:
  Kindle Unlimited: No
  Cliffhanger: No
  P.O.V.: Dual

Main Character: Aspen and Luke

Thoughts on the author:  This author is the queen of sarcasm!!  I love the banter and the chemistry that comes along with it!!   She has a way of making you laugh and want to be part of the story. 


Aspen and Luke have been best friends since they were five. They are not only there for each other, but protective of one another.  So, when this duo has too much Tequila + horniness + accidental kiss + awkwardness= worst sex of you life.

Aspen knows she made a terrible, terrible mistake by sleeping with Luke.  Aspen knows she does crazy things when she is drunk, but this one takes the cake.  Her biggest fear is loosing her best friend and she is certain this will do it.  She is relieved  when she finds out the next morning Luke doesn't remember anything.  With this revelation she knows with out a doubt she can not tell him.  What he don't know can't hurt their friendship and she believes she can carry on like nothing ever happened.  Except she needs to figure out how to stop having sexy dreams about Luke.

Luke can not believe he had that much Tequila and on top of that he slept with his best friend.  Not only did he have sex with Aspen, but it was the most embarrassing moment of his life.  He most definitely not a stud that night.  Luke's only saving grace is Aspen doesn't remember a thing.  Now he has to figure out a way to act like nothing happened when all he wants to do is give it another go.  With all of sudden seeing her in a different way Luke doesn't know how he is going to move on.  Luke is determined not to loose her because she is the most important person to him.

My thoughts:

How many out there have a man or are a man who would pick up tampons?  Whether it was for your wife, mother, sister, or friend.  I know lots of men who say hell to the no.  They will not be caught dead with purchasing a package of tampons.I totally can sympathize for those men out there.  I mean picking up condoms for me is awkward.  Why?  I have no clue.   As you will read Luke does get the tampons but swears he will never purchase them again.  He doesn't care if it is a defcon 5 emergency or not.  And well for me... 

I have the ABSOLUTE BEST HUSBAND!!  You want to know why??  My hubby is one of the special one's who will buy my tampons.  All I have to say is, " Babe, can you pick me up tampons on your way home?  Please?".  He will pick up my tampons without hesitation.  Funny thing is he will not pick up the paper towels for the house.  He says there is to many 6=8, 12=24, etc.  He gets to frustrated and doesn't know what the better deal is.  To be fair I do take a picture of my tampons and send him the exact ones.  

I remember the first time I asked my hubby to pick them up.  We had just got engaged (still in the honeymoon phase of the engagement) and we took the next step and officially moved in together.  It was the first day of my period and my cramps were so bad I could hardly move.  No amount of midol or ibuprofen was helping me.  When he called to asked if I needed anything I hesitated.  I really did need my tampons because of course I didn't have the super ones, but I wasn't sure if he would do it.  I figured what is the worse that could happen he say no and I just have to crawl in the store.  Not to bad, right??  I kind of just blurted it out and hoped for the best.  To my surprise he said sure and asked what kind I needed.   I almost rolled off the couch with the heat pad on my back because he acted like I asked him to pick up water.

My hubby later on told me the story about how when he was on the check out line the cashier needed a price check.  He told he turned red and didn't know what to do with himself.  He has said if that is the worse that can happen while buying tampons then not to bad.

Of course I had to call Elizabeth because who am I going to bounce my ideas off of.  Plus she is the best when it comes to telling me my ideas suck.  As I am rambling on and on she goes, " Years ago I had something similar happen to me".  Immediately asked her if she would mind sharing and because she is the best she emailed me her version.

"I have had many guy friends in my lifetime. Most are friends, a few best friends, and only two are like brothers to me. Could you imagine hooking up with one of your guy friends. The ones that are meant to stay in the “friend” zone. I have always kept them in the friend zone the best I could. Only one was a close call. 

I’m not saying that makes him more unique than the rest... I think I was more vulnerable at the time. There were a few moments that could have turned a different direction than just friends. But thankfully it stayed friends. I’ll never admit it to him, that it almost went there. Why would I? To make him question what if? To admit that he may have liked me more than I wanted him to... even worse tell me it was my imagination..... ugh, the thought of it. Not worth it. 

Now for the reasons of why it stayed in the friend zone... we were friends, there is a bit of a height difference... me taller. I was vulnerable more than I thought I was at the time.... oh and I may have had tons of fun with his younger brother. That’s how we met, through a fun one night stand with his brother... we were just friends after that. 

Would you consider sleeping with someone that’s in the friend zone? That you already had relations with his brother?".

So, tell me what’s your experience? 

As always,

Shh!! Me Time  

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