Rising West by Alyson Santos

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This is a must read book!!  What a way to start the series!!

Title:  Rising West
  Series: A Turner Artist Rocker Novel
  Book #: 1
Author: Alyson Santos

Side note:  I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

   Characters: 4.5
   Plot: 4.5
   Interesting: 5
   Length: 5
   Sexiness: 4.5

  Have I read previous book by this author: No.
  Thoughts on author:  I love her!!  Simple as that!!  I loved the dynamic between the characters.  The
      author did such a good job in bringing the characters to life.  I felt their pain, their agony, and
      their happiness.  I can not wait to read the next book in the series!! I also will be reading her other
      books in my spare time.  Standing ovation Ms. Santos!!

Book Info:
   Where can I find the book:  Many of the digital stores or you can click on the link that is on my
    P.O.V.: Dual.


Mason West feels like he is drowning.  He is a young single father who is trying to make an earnest living, but still has the dream of becoming a famous musician.  He was on his way to the top until one thing lead to another and he watched all of his dreams go up in flames.  He is on the verge of giving up his dream when he is given one more chance.  Will he be able to handle the pressure that is added on to what he was barely hold onto in the first place.

Liberty Blake is floundering.  She has a dream and she is determined to fight for it till the end.  Her band is finally taking off and then out of nowhere the rug is pulled out from under her.  Liberty looses her main singer to a solo career.  Not only is the band need to replace him, but he broke her heart.  With a broken heart and the lose of her muse Liberty is a little lost.  When the opportunity to replace him comes up Liberty is not ready.  But what if this replacement is exactly what the band needs.  And maybe just maybe it is exactly what she is been trying to find all along.

My thoughts:

As the saying goes musicians are a dime a dozen.  The chances of getting recognized are slim, but in the age of the internet becoming known has grown somewhat.  To become the next Taylor Swift or Ed Sheeran is almost impossible.  You need the right look, sound, image, and need to have what everyone wants to listen too.  There is dedication, determination, and the constant need to put yourself out there.

Sometimes even if you have all the ingredients to make it big time doesn't necessarily mean it will happen.  What do you do then when your dreams are unattainable?  Do you just give up?  Or do you do what you love just on a smaller scale.

My husband has a full time job and works like everyone else.  Once upon a time his dreams were to be a famous musician.  For people to be singing his songs and be able to tell his stories.  Unfortunately, those dreams were not attainable for him.  In a way though.

He has learned to work his job, take care of his family, and he is able to still do his music in his spare time.  He still is able to give his songs his all.  He still goes to the studio, still promotes his music, and still write his stories.  Now, it's just on a smaller scale.

It did take him a while to come to terms that he won't be the next Justin Timberlake.  To him he is still able to live his dream, be home for kids, and be able to work a job.  He always say, " I might be not be famous, but I found something I didn't know I wanted".

We might dream big, but just because we don't get there doesn't mean our dreams don't come true.

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