Southern Storm by Natasha Madison

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Title: Southern Storm
  Book #: 3
Author: Natasha Madison

Side note: I recommend you to read the first two books first.

Ratings (1-5):
  Character: 4.5
  Plot: 5
  Interesting: 5
  Length: 5
  Sexiness: 4.5

  Have I read previous books by this author: Yes.
  Will I read more from this author: Yes.
  Thoughts on author:  I have been waiting for this book!!  I wanted it so bad!!  I absolutely loved
                                     the angst emotional roller coaster of this book.  I knew it was going to go
                                     deep, but I never expected this!!  And to end the book like the author did....
                                     I want the next book now!!

Book Info:
  Kindle Unlimited: No.
  P.O.V.: Dual


I received this ARC in exchange for my honest review.

Savannah has been hiding a secret of a life time and there is only a handful of people know the truth.  She decided a longtime ago she is not going to let the name calling and looking down upon her run her out of town.  She choose to open her own bar, by a house, and raise her son.  Savannah feels her only saving grace is Beau.  Beau is not only her best friend, but someone she can rely on even if he doesn't know her secret.  But sometimes secrets have a way to come back and haunt you.

Beau has finally become Mayor.  Beau knows that becoming Mayor will allow him to make changes for the better. Except on day one everything Beau has known goes down the drain.  He finds out that everything he knew about his life is going to be upside down.  He just hopes Savannah will still be there when all is said and done.

My thoughts:


We all have them.  We all say we are going to take them to our grave.  There are things even the people we trust, love, and rely on the most don't know.

Some people have secrets because they are afraid of what others will think of them.  Some have secrets because they are afraid to say the truth.  Some have secrets because who would believe them.  Everyone has there reasons whether they can be justified or not.

My secret... well I'm not going to tell you, but I feel like I just need it to stay inside me and it is not important in my everyday life.  I think of from time to time and wonder if it would change anything if people did know.  Will I ever tell anyone? Nope.  Maybe I like have a little piece of something no one knows.

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