Release by Aly Martinez

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I just found this author and I can't believe I didn't find her sooner!!

Title: Release
Author: Aly Martinez

Side note: I really enjoyed this book!!

  Goodreads: 4.45
  Characters: 4.5
  Plot: 4.5
  Interesting: 4.5
  Tie up loose ends: 4
  Length: 4.5
  Sexiness: 4
  Overall: 4.33

   Have I read other books by this author: No.
   Will I read more books by this author: Yes, because I found a good one.
   Thoughts on the Author:  I really enjoyed this book.  The book was well written and I read the book
      in one sitting.  There was drama, dark topics, and a little humor thrown in.  I am anticipating                reading another one by this author in the future.

Book Info:
  Kindle Unlimited: Yes.
  Cliffhanger: No.
  P.O.V.: Both
  Main Characters: Thea Hull and Ramsey Stewart


Thea Hull is 10 years old when she looses her mother to cancer.  Thea decides she needs to escape the confines of her house especially since her mother passed away there.  She decides to go to her comfort tree which happens to be on the Wynn's land.  Thea is lost in her mind and just staring at her watch counting the minutes.  The minutes since her mother took her last breath.  It isn't until she a voice of a boy Thea realizes she isn't alone.  The boy tries to do a cool jump down.  Unfortunately, he falls on her and breaking her leg.  Right after her mother's burial and surgery it is time to go back to school.  The boy who broke Thea's leg is the one who ends up helping her get around on her crutches.  Thea is not nice to the boy at first until he slowly softens the chip on her shoulder.

Ramsey Stewart comes from a pretty messed up home.  His father is a nasty alcoholic who is physically and verbally abusive.  Ramsey's mother left the family the same day as Thea's mother died.  He feels like it is his responsibility to take care of his younger sister.  With being the new kid and not wanting the attention he attaches himself to Thea as a safety net.  Slowly he starts to realizes she might mean more to him then just a buffer.

Ramsey and Thea's need to lean on each other becomes a connection they never would have expected.  At twelve/thirteen they become boyfriend/girlfriend.  Thirteen/fourteen they have their first kiss together.  By sixteen/seventeen the connection has grown and plans for the future are almost set in stone.  Then one night, one decision, something that was suppose to be special turns into their worst nightmare.  This nightmare will change all their lives forever.

Fast forward thirteen years later and the world has changed.  They are no longer teenagers they are adults.  When they finally come face to face it is not the homecoming Thea thought it would be.  Ramsey did anticipate her being there.  Will that one decision ruin everything?  Can they find their own happiness again?

My thoughts:

I love reading romance novels obviously.  I like the ups, the downs, the drama, the excitement, and the unknown.  The one thing each book has whether it is a good book or not is both character fight for each other.  In these book love is all encompassing.  Even though these are stories love has to be all encompassing enable for a marriage/relationship to work.  The first time I heard the phrase I literally had no idea what that could mean.  Love is love, right?  I understand the phrase now and I wouldn't settle for anything less.

In a relationship, the main goal is for the person we love to be happy.  For a relationship to work you both need to fight for the relationship.  If only one person keeps bending, compromising, and doing everything for the other person the relationship is never going to work.  You can not love someone enough for the both of you. Sorry it just doesn't work like that.

Just because someone tells you they love you doesn't mean they actually do. Sad right?  How many past relationships have you been in where the person tells you they love you and then break up with you.  Did they actually love you or were they just words to be spoken.

All encompassing love means everything.  Love needs to be shown.  Love needs to be appreciated.  Love needs to be respected.  Love needs to compromise.  Love needs to be fought for.  Love needs to be loyal.  Love needs to be sacrificed.  Love needs to be cared for.  And love needs to be on both sides.

If all of what love needs isn't met by both parties.  What is it?  If one party doesn't hold up there end of love but says they love you.  Do they?  How can someone love you when the only part of love is the phrase that comes out of their mouth?  How can someone love you when they only write it in a text or email?  How can you love someone who doesn't respect the word love in the first place?

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