In The Unlikely Event by L.J.Shen

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Title: In the Unlikely Event
Author: L.J. Shen

Side note: Definitely different and loved it!!

Ratings: (1-5)
   Goodreads: 4.25
   Characters: 4.5
   Plot: 5
   Interesting: 5
   Tied up loose ends: 5
   Length: 5
   Sexiness: 5
   Overall: 5

Have I read other books by this author: Yes
   Recommend: Sinner of a Saint series and All Saints High (read all of them and waiting for new)
Will I read more of the authors book in the future: Yes.

Book Info:
   Kindle Unlimited: Yes
   Cliffhanger: No
   P.O.V.:  Mostly Dual, but there were other characters, objects, and animals who gave
                their P.O.V. and yes I know what I wrote!!

Main Characters:  Aurora Belle Jenkins
                             Malachy Doherty

Thoughts about the author:  I have read all of the series I have recommended by Ms. Shen.  She   
                                             doesn't write fluffy and vanilla.  She truly is an author who knows how                                                 to weave a story and leave you wanting more.  Drama must be her                                                         middle name and I love it!!  Even though you can tell her signature is all
                                             over this book this was definitely new.  I can't express how much this                                                     book truly intrigued me.

If you want a crazy, insane, page turning, total drama this is the book for you.  I mean this book had twists, turns, secrets, and so much drama.  This book even had a p.o.v. from a napkin and a chocolate bar.  And guess what??  I absolutely loved it!!

Okay, so the book starts off with Aurora ( Rory) Belle Jenkins.  She is a photographer who is at her companies Christmas party.  She thinks the man who walks in is someone she knew eight years ago.  When she is asked by her boss to a meeting at this party, she realizes she is right, Malachy Doherty.  This is the same boy she met eight years ago in Ireland and spent an amazing twenty-four hours with him.  The same boy who she fell in love with and made a promise (on a napkin) that no matter their circumstances they would get married.  The stipulation is they are not allowed to try to find the other.  They have to see each other by fate.  Even though Mal tried everything he could to keep Rory in Ireland she left.  Rory put her heart on hold for years waiting for Mal, until last year when she met Callum.

Mal has been waiting for the day kismet would strike him again.  But he is no longer the boy waiting for Rory to keep their promise, he now wants revenge.  Mal has had a really hard time since he last seen Rory.  Life has not been kind to him.  He wants Rory to suffer the way he has and for her part in his suffering.  Mal knows he holds secret to her life and she has no clue about.   Mal doesn't care Rory has a boyfriend who is rich and uptight.  It certainly doesn't matter he is "married".  All that matters to Mal is his plan and he is going to see it through.  First, step of business is get her back to Ireland.  Can he?

My thoughts:

I really can't personally connect with the book.  Sorry no life stories today, but man this was a good book.  Even through all the craziness.

There was a part in this book that gave me a pause.  I read it the first time.  I paused and sat in my chair and really thought about what I just read.  I reread thinking maybe I was mistaken, but nope I was right.  Then I thought to myself maybe I just never thought of it.  So, I called Elizabeth because I hoping she would be just as shocked as me.  And yes, yes she was.  I will say this, I will never, never look at a chocolate bar the same again.  This is one of those time which I was like good for the book, bad for the bedroom. I am totally laughing right now as I am picturing the scene in my head!!  Just saying!!

I would say about five minutes later there I was again pausing.  This time it was more like I totally did not see that coming.  Maybe I am envisioning it wrong.  Nope, I was right on the money!!  I am talking blindsided.  I desperately want to call Elizabeth again, but I knew she was at work.  I really do read at inconvenient times.  I again thought okay good for the book, kind of sexy, but my husband would be like, "hell no".  I want to give you a little bit of a hint.  They are 12 people in a room (all adults) who decide to play spin the bottle.  Of course, the genders are not equal, but the group decides gender is not at all important. This leads to a three way kiss between two males and a female.   Wanna take a guess on who those were.  I will give you one more hint.   Even though he was there he didn't participate in this kiss was Callum.  UH OH!!

I will say this.  The book was crude with language, very open on possibilities, very sexy, borderline crazy, and huge applause to the author!!  I have read her other books like I stated above.  She really does know how to weave a story line and if I were you I wouldn't pass this book up!!

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