Kiss the Stars by A.L. Jackson

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Another great book by A.L. Jackson!! Must read!!

Title: Kiss The Stars
Author: A.L. Jackson

Side note: I received this book in exchange for my honest review.  Even though this is a standalone
                 novel the herione in the book was part of the Bleeding Stars series.  FYI the whole series
                 is on Kindle Unlimited.

   Characters: 4.5
   Plot: 5
   Interesting: 5
   Length: 5
   Sexiness: 5

   Have I read book by this author before: Yes.
   Recommendation: Bleeding Stars or any book by the author really!!
   Thoughts on author:  Another home run!!  I actually binge read the Bleeding Star series and then
                                     reread this book.  I loved the twist and turns, the ups the downs, and don't get
                                     me started on the sexual tension between the two!!  I love her books, but I
                                     have to say this might be my new favorite book by Ms. Jackson!! 

Book Info:
  Kindle Limited: Yes
  P.O.V.: Dual


Mia West is a single mom of two and her brother is part of a famous band Sunder.  She recently moved in with her brother after she witnesses the death of her best friend while they were being held up at gun point.  After another threat comes for her, Mia decides to follow her brother to Georgia since Sunder is going to record a new album there.  Mia needs this time away with the kids to process everything and to make sure her kids are safe.  What she doesn't expect is the gorgeous, dangerous man she met in a dark room to be the new drummer in her brothers band.  And now he is staying in the guest house in Georgia.

Leif is at a dark time in his life.  The last four years have been a living hell for him.  He has his own small band in Georgia and wants to keep it that way.  He is surprised when he is asked to fill in for Sunders drummer for the bands up and coming album.  He knows he shouldn't take the job, but who in their right mind would turn down the opportunity.  He thought filling in for the drummer was going to be the biggest challenge for the summer.  Well, he thought wrong.  It might just be another band mates sister who he can't stay away from.  Even if his past is still lingering in the review mirror.

My thoughts:


Every day we make choices.  Whether it is what we are going to eat for dinner, which outfit we are going to wear, what we are going to do after we get off of work,etc.  We sometimes make the right choice and feel good about ourselves when it pans out.  Now, if we make a bad choice we try to rectify our mistakes.  Some times those mistakes have grave consequences and can lead down a road we would have never chose.

What if we choose the wrong person to be with?  How can we know?

I have a friend who I love dearly.  She has the best intentions and is an awesome person.  She will give the shirt off of her back and I have many great memories with her.  She is a hard worker, takes good care of herself, loyal, and is a good person to have in you life.  Her biggest flaw is the men she chooses to be with.  I always try to be neutral and I do not always come to her defense.  I feel like she has a magnet attached to her for selfish, self absorbed, and love to suck the life out of her.

She constantly gives with nothing in return.  She will bend anyway possible for him and is always blamed when something does not go his way.   She is manipulated to believe because she gets a little attention or he buys her things she needs to be grateful and shut her mouth.  She wears her rose covered glasses and chooses to look the other way.  You can try to talk her into leaving or to not date them, but nothing ever works.

The consequences are obvious and honestly quite sad.  She sit there wondering why she isn't good enough for people to stick around.  She wonders if she would have done something different would he have stayed.  She wonders why she can't find her "one".  If she is going to be alone for the rest of her life.

Here is my advice which I tell her over and over again.  Maybe it isn't good advice, but it is all I got.  Stop worrying about what you did wrong!!  We all make bad decisions, we all fight, we all say things we might not mean, we are not perfect.  If you are meant to be you would be.  Forcing or clinging on to an idea is not what you should want.  If you have to walk on egg shells he is not the one.  If you can't tell him about most of your past he is not the one.  If you keep holding on to the good and ignore the bad he is not the one.  Always hold out for the best not the best that is there.  Focus on the kids and yourself!!  Self love is the most important part of any relationship!!


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