Bastard Bachelor Society by Sara Ney

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Title: Bastard Bachelor Society
Author: Sara Ney

Side note: I was an ARC on this book  I was provided this book in exchange for an honest review.

Ratings: (1-5)
  Characters: 4.5
  Plot: 4.5
  Interesting: 4.5
  Tie up loose ends: 5
  Length: 4
  Sexiness: 5
  Overall: 4.58

  Have I read other books by this author: Yes.
  Recommend: How to Date a Douchebag series and the spin off series Jock Hard
  Will I read more: Yes.
  Thoughts on Author:  I really do love the author's books.  The series' I recommended is not a
     a light recommendation.  I have read them at least three times.  This book is no different.  The     
     book was sweet and sexy at the same time.  The way the author writes books she captivates you
     with her writing, characters, and her sense of humor.  I adored the chemistry between Abbott and         Brooks (main characters).  I am  always a huge fan of  a meddling grandmother.

Book Info:
  Cliff hanger: No.
  P.O.V.: Abbott, Brooks, and of course Desi the cat. (yes you read that correctly)


Brooks Bennett is a man scorned.  After being ghosted by his ex girlfriend  he is anti- couples.  Brooks and his friends come up with an idea where they wager a bet to stay single.  The Bastard Bachelor Society.  Brooks knows he has this bet in the bag especially when he puts up his season tickets.  He hates happy couples and a relationship is the last thing he wants. 

Abbott Margolis is a smart woman who has earned her position at her family's company.  As much as Abbott believes in romance she has absolutely no luck.  She has her friends, her grandmother, and her cat.  Until one night she goes out with co-workers and does not hold the elevator for a sexy man.

Abbott realizes a few days later the sexy man she didn't hold the elevator for actually lives in the apartment across the hall from her.  Oops!! Brooks recognizes the girl who didn't hold the elevator for him and decides she owes him food in her hand.  So, he invites himself to her breakfast and end up hanging out for the day. 

But can men and women actually be just friends?

My thoughts:

Do remember a time when you didn't realize there was a difference what gender your friends were?  All of a sudden you realize boys' were gross and smelly or girls were bossy and had cooties.

Then you get a little older and start to find that there are attractive people out there.  Of course you are like 11, cute seems more accurate.  We maybe we share with our friends, maybe not.  And then one day... BAM!!  You find somebody sexually attractive.  Sometimes we are too young to understand what we are actually feeling.  Welcome to you teenage years and maybe our twenties!! 

I had a friend who I met when I was in second grade.  All through out elementary school we would play on the playground and would always hang out with one another.  Guess what??  He was a boy!!  That is right he was a boy!!

We ended up staying friends all through out junior high.  We would sit together at lunch with the rest of our friends.  We had the same classes and would pair up on projects together.  We would hangout at the park together especially because our siblings played on the same sports team.   And then we did the unthinkable.  That is right he asked me out and I said yes.  SMH!!

We were in eighth grade and we always got along.  I mean he was my male best friend.  What could go wrong?   I was thirteen and he was so cool.  He played sports.  I played sports.  He loved English class.  I loved English class.  He had a brother.  I had a brother.  He liked orange soda.  I loved orange soda.  He even shared his chocolate chip cookies with me.  If that is not a match made in Heaven I do not know what is.  Do you feel the sarcasm?  I hope so.

We dated for 2 whole weeks.  He kissed me exactly once.  Held my hand 7 times.  Walked me to class 10 times.  And then he ghosted me for an entire summer.  Well, back then it didn't have a name but he ghosted me.  I remember being so confused as to why he wouldn't answer my calls or anything.  I was so heartbroken.  Why?   I know it was two weeks of a relationship, but at 13.  I even doodled on my notebook I heart Mark.  As you can see I was a tad bit dramatic!!  Okay, fine I was over the top!!

Funniest part was the first day of high school he tried to apologize to me saying he has a lot going on.  Are you laughing?  I am!!  Oh and maybe we could try again since he had more free time.  Are you still laughing?  Because I am too!!   I remember being still dramatic and telling him we could just be friends once I forgive him.  Yes, I was that dramatic.  Let's just say almost 21 years later I have never spoken another word to him after that day.  Seriously!!  He avoided my like the plague even when we had class together.   I never ended up dating a friend again.  Not on purpose though.

I do believe there are exceptions to every rule though.

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