Ruin by Willow Aster

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Title: Ruin
  Series: Kingdom of Sin
  Book #: 3
Author: Willow Aster

Side note:  Need to read the prior two books in this series!!

Ratings: (1-5)
  Characters: 4
  Plot: 4
  Interesting: 4
  Length: 5
  Sexiness: 4

  Have I read other books by this author before: Yes.
  Recommend: True Love Story.
  Will I read more books by this author: Yes.
   Thoughts on author:  I adore her writing!!  She is very detail oriented and paints a clear picture in
                                     your mind.  She really brings to light forbidden love and the emotion to go
                                     with it.  Add some drama, sexiness, and royalty a book you can not put down.

Book Info:
  Cliff hanger: Not for the main characters, but to set up book four in the series.
  P.O.V.: Dual


I have read this book in exchange for an honest review.

Ava is a free spirited princess who does not want anything to do with the thrown.  She wants to live a simple life of traveling and to live her life the way she wants.  She loves her family, but not the life they lead.  Ava is content to not have the responsibilities of the crown and always being in the spot light.  Ava goes to a friends wedding and she meets this incredible man at a wedding.  She has such a strong connection with him but their time is cut short.  Ava doesn't see him again and ends up traveling for three months.  For those long three months Ava hasn't though of much else except her mystery man.  Now that she is staying with her sister she is hoping she will be able to find him.

Genrty has always lived a simple life.  He has two loving parent who have supported him.  He goes to a friend's wedding and meets a woman who blows him away at first sight.  With everything going on Gentry doesn't know much about her besides her name.  One kiss is not enough for him and he starts to ask around about her.  He doesn't like what he is told and vows to stay away.  What happens when not only is she off limits, but there is no way to avoid her?  Their about to find out.

My thoughts:

I would love to be someone like Ava who has the ability to travel.  Don't get me wrong I have done some traveling over the years.  Since I live in the US I have been up and down the East Coast, been to Mexico, Canada, and the Bahama's.  There are some people who haven't left their county never mind leave their state.  The traveling I want to do is go to the other side of the world.  Maybe even go to South America.

All of those trips I took were before any children were in the mix.  My husband is not much of a traveler so much so we didn't even have a honeymoon.  Which I am okay with.  We have gone on vacations in the US.  We normally go to a place where there are things to do and enjoy time away from home.

I always tell him for our 25th anniversary comes (14 years from now)  I want to travel outside the US.  Why so long in the future?  I need time to negotiate, compromise, and warm him up to the idea.  They say women need to be wined and dined, we do.  Men also need to be sweetened up also.  I also don't want it to seem like he is there only because I want to be there.  I want us to enjoy the different cultures, see things we only seen in pictures or on TV,  I want us to eat craxy foods, and maybe find the joy of being on vacation with each other.  So, I just need some time, money, and bargaining.  So, fingers crossed.

With everything going on because of the virus traveling is put on hold for a lot of people.  I hope this goes away soon (wishful thinking) and I hope everyone is staying safe.  I know I am about to loose my mind with the kids home and the homeschooling I am doing.  So, stay safe, try to keep it together, drink wine (or something stronger) when the little ones go to bed, and read.  There are so many good books out there and I have be devouring them one after another.

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