Falling North by Alyson Santos

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Book 2 of the Turner Artist Rocker Series is out!!

Title: Falling North
  Series: Turner Artist Rocker
  Book #: 2
Author: Alyson Santos

Side note:  This is book two in the series, but can be read as a standalone.

Ratings: (1-5)
  Characters: 4.5
  Plot: 4.5
  Interesting: 5
  Length: 5
  Sexiness: 4.5

  Have I read previous books by this author: Yes.
  Will I continue to read books by the author: Yes
  Thoughts on author:  I enjoyed this book just as much as the first book in this series!!  The dynamic                                      between the characters was amazing!!  I really enjoyed the chemistry and the 
                                    sexual tension.  The characters were well developed and their story was told                                          beautifully through out the book!!

Book Info:
  Kindle Unlimited: Yes.
  P.O.V.: Dual


I received this ARC in exchange for my honest review.

Xander has always taken care and protected his younger brother even though their parents never did.  He will do anything to make sure nothing stand between his brother and him.  The only other thing Xander has ever wanted was to play and write music.  His band which includes his brother are finally getting noticed by a record label.  There is only one problem their branding.  The record label is giving them one more chance and they are bringing in a PR consultant.  Xander is willing to anything to ensure the band succeeds.  Even if it is to stay away from the PR consultant.

Lydia is trying to make it on her own with out her father's help.  Since he is the owner of a major record label it would be easier for her PR career to take a job with her father.  When a new project is presented to her she immediately accepts the project.  Not only is this a good career move, but this is what she has been waiting for.  She is to go on tour with an upcoming band and re market their brand.  Lydia knows she has her work cut out for her, but will she be able to keep her heart out of it too.

My thoughts:


Such a strong word with so many meanings behind it. Right?

Who in your life is actually loyal?

Will they always be loyal or with a snap of your fingers do they disappear?

Does the definition of loyalty change meaning from one person to another?

Unfortunately, these questions have been playing out in my mind more often then not this past week.  And no it is not the coronavirus, but what has been going on personally that has had me thinking more and more about loyalty.  And the question I keep asking my self is, "Who is loyal to me?".  This book review was due at just the right time for me to vent just a little.

I have had a situation come up with my extended family over the past week.  If you would have asked me a week ago I would have told you even though we were not on speaking terms they would have done the right thing and contacted me.  I would say I would have bet on it, but then I would be out of money huh.

Families fight, we disagree, we argue, we debate, we love, and we have memories.  We do not get to choose what family we are born into.  We do not get the choose the paths they take.  We only can do what we think is best for us.  And hope that at the end of the day we have made the right decisions.

Is it wrong of me not talking to them over the past few years?  I would yes I was.  Am I sorry for my role in the fact we don't speak?  Yes, I am.  Are they people who belonged in my life these past few years?  Honestly no, but maybe from a distance.  Do they make my life or my families life better?  No, but at one point in my life I thought they did.  At one point in my life they were my support and my safety.

People grow and people change all the time.  I am the first one to tell you I look at life a lot differently than I had say two, five, even ten years ago.  I have made many of mistakes and maybe not making amends is one of them, but they didn't show me no loyalty then nor now.  They didn't show me I mattered and for that maybe they see me the same way.

I do know this.  My loyalty is to my own family and to people who are loyal to me.  As long as I stay true to myself there is nothing more than I can do.

As Always,

Shh!! Me Time!!

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