Jack & Sadie/The Play

Hey everybody!!! I know I teases about two books on Monday and let me tell you it was worth it!! These books were so good!! The authors intertwined character from previous book perfectly!!

Book 1:

Title: Jack & Sadie
Author: J. B. Salsbury
This a series: Yes 
    *Name of Series: Fighting Series
Side note:  This is book is a long time coming.  I do recommend you read the hold series and also the spin- off books Love, Hate, and Rock & Roll.  But if you don't want to read all of the books I strongly 
                      suggest you read at least Uncaged: A Fighting for Flight Short Story. 

Rating (1-5): 
     * Good reads: 4.34
     * Characters:4.5
     * Plot: 5
     * interesting: 5
     * tie up loose ends: 4.5
     * length: 5
     * overall: 4.75

Would I read the rest of series: 
 * Would I read other books from this author: Yes, Yes and I have all of them!!!

Book Info:
   * Kindle Unlimited: No
   * Cliffhanger: No
   * P.O.V. : Dual 
   * Main Characters:  Sadie Slade
                                   Jackson "Jack" Daniels

   * Characters have a back story: Yes, they have known each other since the day they were born and grew up                                                             together. 
   * Main story: Around applause for J. B. Salsbury!!  This book was amazing and totally worth the wait!!  She is one of the authors who can wrap drama, humor, and amazing writing skills.  She pays special attention to her details and makes sure her characters follow their personality traits.  I am finding some authors are having problems with following a story line or a characters personality.  But that is not this author and most definitely not this book!!
                        Sadie is the child of a female mechanic/restorer and a retired MMA fighter.  Sadie is currently living in California and has chosen to keep her family at arms length.  She is living with her best friend Ricky who also works with her at her catering job.  Sadie is finishing up her last year of school and aspires to be an artist.  
                        Jack is the child of a retired MMA fighter and his mother runs the gym of MMA fighters.  He decided to go to NYU and stayed in New York.  He is a account manager at a highly profitable firm where is best friend owns.  Jack is very determinded to have the best and to be the best.  Jack always feels if he takes a break he is going to lose everything he has. 
                       Jacks best friend is getting married and decided to get married in California.  As the reception takes place guess who is working?  To say seeing one another again over a year later is awkward to say the least.  With Jacks determination and Sadie's secrets can they have there happily ever after?  Read to find out!! 

Book 2:

Title: The Play
Author: Elle Kennedy
This a series:
    *Name of Series: Briar-U
    * Book #: 3

Side note: This is a spin-off series of Off-Campus.  I love and had read all books!!  Highly recommend!! Also                            there is a add epilogue on book funnel.  

Rating (1-5):
     * Good reads: 4.16
     * Characters: 4.5
     * Plot: 5
     * interesting: 5
     * tie up loose ends: 5 
     * length: 5
     * overall: 4.75

Would I read the rest of series: 
 * Would I read other books from this author: Yes, have read almost all of her books.  Still trying to catch up!!

Book Info:
   * Kindle Unlimited: No
   * Cliffhanger: No
   * P.O.V. : Dual
   * Main Characters: Demi Davis
                                 Hunter Davenport

  * Main Story:  Elle Kennedy has don it again!!  I have read all the books and I waited for Hunters book!!  I feel like I waited forever!!  I love how I had a love/hate relationship with him.  Well of course as a reader!! We met Hunter in the beginning of the Off- Campus books when he first came to Briar University.  At first he was the lovable naive jock who was just floundering.  To the guy we felt bad for in The Chase.  To the guy we wanted to strangle at the end of The Chase and The Risk.  I wasn't sure how Elle Kennedy was going to spin Hunter but bravo!!  I love her follow through with her characters and how she weaves her characters to change.  She has the ability to for you as the reader to believe it.
                      Hunter Davenport plays on Briar's hockey team.  He is a reformed player and is trying to concentrate on school and hockey this year.  The team has named him captain this year and he doesn't want to let down his team mates.  If you have read the prior book you know he is living with three females and that certainly is a challenge for Hunter.
                       Demi Davis is a junior at Briar and is pre-med major.  Her two favorite things are creepy shows about killings and her boyfriend who she has dated since she was 13.  Even though her dad is pushing her to go to med school she want to study the mind instead.  She is very outspoken and very outgoing person.  
                       Hunter and Demi are partnered up together on a project together.  These two have such a cute friendship and such easy banter between each other.  With one celibate man and a woman in a eight year relationship what could go wrong? Right?

My thoughts:

You might be wondering why I would lump these two books together.  I mean they were so good!!  Well, I recommend to read both books, but as I was writing I realized that the same situation was in the books, but the results were completely different.  I think most of us have a situation we were in that is similar, but each experience was different.  Facts of life right?

My question to you is.... Who was you first love?  I am not talking about the elementary school boyfriend/girlfriend or someone you dated for a few weeks.  What I am talking about is the weak in the knees, butterflies in the stomach, can't wait to see or speak to that person, the can't sleep or eat when the break up comes.  Think of that person.  Got it?  Now here is my story. 

I met my first love when I was 14.  A time in all of our lives where we think we know everything, but we are trying to find our way.  Whether we are trying to survive high school, home, or just the world in general.  I never expected him.  My friend Elizabeth used to go to this YMCA kind of place.  Where teenagers would hangout after school and that is where she met Mr. Hot Guy.  For about a month Elizabeth kept telling me about this guy and how funny he was. Elizabeth finally wore me down and I wanted to see him.  I mean she was really into this guy so what was the harm in seeing what this guy was all about.  We walked into the building and I kept looking around to see who this guy was.  As far as I could see he wasn't there at least yet.  I guess she noticed what I was doing and told me he was outside about to come in.  At first I couldn't see his face because of the way he was wearing a baseball hat.  The closer he got I got to say I agreed with her he was nice looking.  I will say his eyes were very piercing.  When Mr. Hot Guy looked our way he didn't even acknowledge we were there.  There was no wave, no chin nod, absolutely nothing.  Actually he didn't acknowledge anyone.  He acted as if everyone needed to come to him.  Later on we ran into him and he did have a conversation with Elizabeth, but I most definitely did not have a good first impression of him.  To me he seemed to cocky, over confident, and smug. A few days later Mr. Hot Guy was no longer on Elizabeth's radar.  She found herself a Jake.  And yes I am using that as a verb.  

You ever see someone or meet someone for the first time and then they are every where.  Well, Mr. Hot Guy was everywhere.  I would see him at the movies, at the mall ( remember 14), and in the hallway at school.  Well, one thing lead to another and I kept seeing him everywhere.  Mr. Hot guy would come up to me say the most ridiculous things and I would in return roll my eyes.   With Mr. Hot Guy's charming way he persuaded Elizabeth to give him my number.  At first I wouldn't answer his calls, but he was very persistent.  Eventually, okay like a week later I answered.  One conversation turned into talking everyday on the phone.  Talking everyday led to hanging out one the weekends.  Turned into we were officially dating.  Mr. Hot Guy was fun and exciting.  He had this bad boy way about him and he did not care about what others thought.  I found it refreshing because I always (still to this day) cared what people thought of me.  After, a quick honeymoon phase our relationship turn tumultuous.  We would laugh, then fight, then break up and then get back together.  For three years, our relationship took on a very unhealthy routine. 

One day, Mr. Hot guy was the adult and told me it was over for good.  He told me we were not good for each other and I needed to follow my path and he needed to follow his.  To say I was devastated is probably and understatement.  I became pathetic.  I am so not exaggerating, but I wish I was. At night, I would turn on my stereo system in my room and listen to, " One Call Away" by Chingy.  Reminder this is 2003 and yes I know it is not the greatest song, but he would sing it to me.  I didn't wash the last sweatshirt he left at my house because I wanted to smell his cologne.  I went as far as to keep messages on my voicemail to hear he voice.  I know I was pathetic.

Life finally went on and I started to get my life together.  Of course once you start to not think about it everyday it smacks you in the face.  Well, actually it was a phone call.  Mr. Hot Guy called me out of the blue five months later.  He wanted to see how I was and to catch up with our lives.  We started to talk more over time and we developed a solid friendship and became one of my best friends.  And I became one of his.

So are you wondering what happened to Mr. Hot Guy?  Well, Mr. Hot Guy became Mr. Husband.  No one and I mean no one thought we would be where we are today.  We have had a long road and it is not all rainbows and sunshine.  At times, I do see the teenage boy I fell in love with, which I think is one of the best parts of him.  Both of us have grown up tremendously and have been stable for the last thirteen years.  I am so proud of the man he has become and I know how lucky I am.  

I did call Elizabeth since we are still best friend to this day and I asked her for a favor.  And she did me a solid.  So here is her story and I hope you enjoy!!

My story is quite different than A.M.’s.... I was a bit older. Let’s start at the simple beginning, before my eyes twinkled with lust....
I was 19. If just broken up with my first boy I’ve ever dated. Was sad but not mad about it. I mean I’m the one who ended it, due to his childishness. So here I am, working as a hostess at a chain restaurant, wanting to see what’s out there. No plans to date anytime soon. Dyed my hair from perfect ash blonde to a flaming deep red. (After a break up, a girl feels better with drastic changes!)
I had just come back from three days off, after working so many double shifts. My main manager tells me she had just hired a few new people and wanted to make sure I knew, so that I could make sure their training went well. (I was a head host, without the actual title). One she hired because she thought his jacket was very nice! Geez, this lady was funny.
So it’s a Friday night, where we are just about getting slammed with people and start putting them on a waiting list. On a typical weekend, there is five hosts on, and two bussers. As the one in charge, I assign everyone their roles. Host one, taking names at the door, host two is at the podium calling people to the front, where the last three, (me included) are waiting to take the guests to their seats in one of the sections of the restaurant we are stationed in. Now we all wear headsets for communication. But this girl, doesn’t always call what’s next to be open in my section over the headset.... I like to check on my other two hosts, get them drinks, release them of their position momentarily for bathroom breaks.  I go to tell host two what I have open and check on her... she calls my guests up, I go to seat them in MY section, and my once open table is now occupied. WTH. 

Who is sitting people in my section? This happened only three times til I snapped. “Whoever is sitting guests out of their section and in mine, needs to stop”. I soon find out that someone decided to give the new guy a head set which isn’t allowed during training. He seats my section yet AGAIN. Now I am pissed. “Get the freaking headset off the new guy, or when he seats my damn section again, I walk!!!!” To which my manager politely asked me to stop using fowl language and asked where I was. All I could say in my rage is “find me”.
I hated him. This tall, six foot something, skinny guy, brown eyes, dark, short hair with a most mischievous smirk on his face. He thought this was amusing.... this scrawny a** mother-something, thinks it’s funny! To my relief, they send him home for the night. Thank goodness.

My relief was short lived when Sunday came around. I found out that during my shift I was to train this egotistical, stupid smirking idiot. Turns out, that he wasn’t all quite as obnoxious as I had made on his first impression. He was nice and quite a flirt. Took me a week to get over how I initially hated him. Took two months to severely lust after him, til he asked to marry me. I know it was quite fast, but we were young and thought we were in love. My fairy tale didn’t end well, like A.M. Moore’s story. We did marry, have a child together and in the freak out of how to take care of his family the fastest way financially, he became a drug dealer and user, so we left 


I really want to know your story so comment below.

As always:

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