Southern Comfort by Natasha Madison

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Title: Southern Comfort
  Series: Southern Series
  Book #: 2
Author: Natasha Madison

Side note:  This is book 2 in the series.  I strongly recommend reading, " Southern Chance" first!!

Ratings: (1-5)
  Characters: 4.5
   Plot: 4.5
   Interesting: 5
   Length: 5
   Sexiness: 4.5

  Have I read previous books by this author: Yes.
  Thoughts on author: I really enjoyed the authors, "Hollywood Royalty" series I had to read this
                                    one!!  This one didn't disappoint!!  I really loved how the chemistry
                                    between the characters not only was present in book one, but followed
                                    through to this book.  I really enjoyed the characters growth and how the
                                    author well executed the character's back story.

Book Info:
  Kindle Unlimited: No.
  P.O.V.: Dual


I received this ARC in exchange for my honest review.

If you have read book one in the series ("Southern Comfort") then you know there is still unresolved issues for Olivia.  She decided to get away with her best friend and now finds herself in a small town in the country.  Olivia is finding herself adjusting to the culture change, but realizing sometimes something different might not be all that bad.  To make sure she is safe Olivia is staying with her best friend's brother at his house.  Will she be able to make it out in one piece including her heart.

Casey is a simple country boy.  Well, that is what everyone thinks.  When he first meets Olivia he doesn't exactly know how to take her.  Soon his protective instincts are taking over and although he has been warned he can't stay away.  She has him doing things he never thought of doing and isn't sure what he is doing.  When Olivia finally leaves will he be able to say goodbye.

My thoughts:

Culture shock I can honestly say is a thing.  Now, as I describe my personal experience I am not stereotyping or saying everyone has the same experience.  Just want to make that clear.

My hubby and I grew up in New York.  We both come from middle class families and our parents were hard working (still are).  We grew up in the suburbs where there were lot's of people, everything was close by, and tons of traffic.  We grew up where it mattered what size house you had, where you lived, what you drove, and what name brand clothes you wore.  Unfortunately, for me I have a big family and most people knew my family.  When I was younger I always felt I couldn't do anything with out it going back to my parents.  My hardship as a teen!!

After my hubby and I go married we move to a state in the south.  I will say we love it down here!!  And in a few months we will be moving further south.  But there are major differences down here then what we were used to.  The first thing we noticed was the slower pace.  It was hard adjustment at first, but I find myself not as stressed.  The school system down here might not be up to New York standards per se, but I find the teachers are more involved.  Not only with the kids, but also with involving the parents.  My hubby's job is more about quality then quantity which was a huge adjustment for him.  Although he has found himself in a better position here then he would have if he stayed in New York.

Are there negatives moving to the south?  Of course.  The positives ( for us) out way the negatives.  We go back to New York from time to time to visit family and friends.  Would we move back?  Not a chance.  But for some people who do move down here go right back to where they grew up.  Everyone needs to find their home, their safe place.  I am just glad my hubby and I did!!

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