Bayshore Rvials Series J.L. Beck and C. Hallman

Hey everybody!!  This series I read comes with a warning so please, please read carefully!!

Title: When Rivals Fall (Book 1), When Rivals Lose (Book 2), and When Rivals Love (Book 3)
Author(s): J.L. Beck and C. Hallman
This a series: Bayshore Rivals
Side note: WARNING!!  This book and review are NOT FOR EVERYONE!!

Rating (1-5): 
     *Good reads: 4.13 (average of all three books)
     * Characters- 4
     * Plot- 4
     * Interesting- 5
     * Tie up loose ends- 5
     * Length- 4
     * Sexiness- 4 (I would say for the most part yes)
     * Overall- 4

 Would I read other books from this author: Yes, I have read other books by these authors.

Book Info:
   * Kindle Unlimited: Yes
   * Cliffhanger: Yes, but each book leads into the next
   * P.O.V. : 98% is from the herione
   * Main Characters- Harlow
                                  Oliver Bishop
                                  Banks Bishop
                                  Sullivan Bishop

   * Characters have a back story: Yes, the characters have known each other since childhood.
   * Thought about the author(s):  I have read other books by both of these authors.  I do love the suspense they 
                                                     bring to their writing.  They have a way of keeping me hooked and wanting     
                                                     more.  And on that basis I would say these books have awesome suspense,  
                                                     mystery, drama, and angst.
   * Main story/Review/My thoughts:

WARNING!!  This book and review are NOT FOR EVERYONE!!

Hey everybody (who are still reading this)!!

So this review is not going to be in the normal format and there a few reasons why.  And I promise I will explain through out the review/thoughts.  I want to start by saying I have read other books from these authors.   And I have enjoyed those previous books.  When I seen the  the last book of the series was coming out  I was excited to start reading.  As I was reading the description of the first book my first thought was, " Oh yes, Please".  I mean who wouldn't want a rival love story.  I guess my small obsession with enemies to friends started the first time i ever seen West Side Story.  I immediately purchased the book through amazon unlimited and started reading.  I was in for a big surprise I did not and I repeat DID NOT SEE COMING!!   

Bayshore Rivals series was very dramatic.  I felt like every time I turned the page something new was happening and adding to the suspense of the book.  The series is about a girl named Harlow who is entering in her first year in college.  Harlow's best friend/roommate decided to tag along for support for Harlow's freedom.  Unfortunately, Harlow has had a very troubling past and feels she needs to escape her family.  Harlow believes this is a new start, but that only lasts until she runs into the Bishop brothers.  See back home there is a rivalry between the families and Harlow was a pawn in her father's game.

The Bishop brother's are out for revenge.  There is no playing nice and payback is a B****.  The Bishop boys' are loyal to one another and will do anything to ruin Harlow's life.  But how far will the Bishop boys' willing to go?   

Harlow starts to have "accidents" happen to her which is putting her life in danger.  She is searching on who is doing this to her.  She no longer knows who to trust.  Is it the Bishop brothers?  Her father?  The father of the brothers?   Someone on campus?  Someone she least expects?

I will say I was very engrossed in the book.  Even though there was a lot to absorb in each book I just kept reading.  I had to know who was trying to kill her, if the Bishop boys' had ulterior motives, would her father come around, would she continue to go to college, etc.  There were parts of the first two books I kind of went along with, because even though they were taboo for me the writing was good.  Very descriptive.  I literally read all three books in a day and a half.  

It was not until the third book that made me take a pause.  Like I put my kindle down, thought about it, picked back up, and thought nope I did not read that wrong.  I did get through it and (in my mind) I had to put it in a different prospective.  I think that is a good way of putting it.   I mean there is no cliff hanger at the end of book three so nothing like that.  This genre would be called a reverse harem.  In case you have never heard of it a reverse harem is when a woman enters a polygamist relationship with three or more men.  Hint hint there are three Bishop boys'.  

As much as I loved the writing, the suspense, and the relationship between the characters is not something I can full grasp the concept.  Let me explain further.  Whether it is real life or in a book, maybe a movie and she wants three men that is her prerogative.  As long as it doesn't affect my life who I am I to judge.  BUT BROTHERS!! So, I had to call Elizabeth to get a new prospective because in my mind I kept picturing one scene over and over again.

As always she has the best advice for me ;)!!  She had to reiterate this is fiction and not real life. I am sad to say I need a reminder from time to time.  She also told me because I am a woman I can not understand a bond of brother hood.  And she is right.  I did try to get a male prospective and was nicely declined.  Wanna guess who that could have been? 

Again, this book is NOT for EVERYONE!!  But if you think you can handle it or you are an open minded reader( really opened minded) then go check out this series and let me know what you think!!

As always:

Shh!! Me TIme!!

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