Hollywood Player by Natasha Madison

Hey everybody!!  Good book and a lesson learned!!

Title: Hollywood Player ( Hollywood Royalty)
Author: Natasha Madison
This a series: First book in the series
Side note:  This is an older book, but a goodie!!

Rating (1-5): 
     *Good reads: 4.27
     * Characters- 5
     * Plot- 5 
     * Interesting- 5
     * Tie up loose ends- 5
     * Length- 4.5
     * Sexiness- 5
     * Overall- 4.85

 Would I read other books from this author: Yes, I have read other books by this author.

Book Info:
   * Kindle Unlimited: No, but on sale for $.99
   * Cliffhanger: No.
   * P.O.V. : Dual both heroine and hero
   * Main Characters- Jessica Hawthorn
                                  Tyler Beckett

   * Characters have a back story: Yes, she is a reporter and he is an actor.
   * Thought about the author(s): I some how missed the release of this book, but I am so glad I found it now.                                                            The book was amazing!!  Not only did it keep me engaged, but I laughed quite a                                                      bit while reading.  Sexual chemistry off the charts.  
   * Main story-      Jessica is an entertainer reporter and while she is content with her job this is not what she wanted to do.  Jessica wanted to travel the world and be a journalist.  Even though she is not happy with her job she is the best in the industry.  When Jessica's boss calls in for her new assignment Jessica wants out.  She doesn't want to spend anytime with Tyler Beckett the Hollywood Playboy.                                    Tyler Beckett wants to promote this movie and move on from it.  He wants to get away and go back to his ranch in Montana.  When his management team comes up with a plan of thirty day with 10 reporters he is on board with the plan.  He has one request no Jessica Hawthorn.  Unfortunatley, for him there is no way out of it.
                             They both decide to grit their teeth and get this over with.  Add a clingy assistant, his parents, and Hollywood what could possibly go wrong.  Right?
My thoughts: 

 There are times I am reading and I am like what the hell is that.  I usually have to reread what they author is describing ( you know looking for context clues).  I am one of those people who will immediately go to google ( what did I do before google?) for more information.  And this book by far takes the cake.

So, sit back while I  set the moment up for you.  I want you to fully understand where I am coming from.  Imagine this.  The house is quiet and no one is home.  I am relaxing in my chair with my kindle in my hand.  Fresh coffee in the mug on my right.  I am totally engrossed in the book that I have no clue what is going on around me.  I set an alarm on my phone to alert me when it is time to get the kids off the bus just in case.  I am eating up the lines because I am anticipating what is going to come next.  YES!! SEXY TIMES!!  In my head I keep thinking please be good, please be good.  Oh the sexy times where good!!  I am smiling and squirming (in a good way) and all of a sudden a phrase comes out of Tylers mouth (pun intended).  Okay, not sure what that is, but lets see what happens next.   Instead of describing to Jessica he shows her.  Now, I may not be familiar with the phrase but damn that was sexy!!  Obviously, I immediately pick up my phone and google it.  Well, one phrase started a whole new meaning for me.

I bet you are wondering what the phrase is.  During sexy time Tyler tells Jessica he wants to do  champagne waterfall.  Now, when you look up champagne waterfall it brings up things you would have at a wedding, party, etc.  So, I added sex to the end of the phrase and I really wish I didn't.  The authors meaning was there, but as google does they give you other options.  Google was not my friend at that moment.  And curiosity definitely killed the cat. 

This author was very creative when it came to champagne waterfall and I maybe will give it a try ;).  Unfortunately, we will have to leave out the berry fondue, maybe keep just the fondue.  But this is exactly why I love my dirty romances.  Not only did I learn some new knowledge, but the possibilities are endless.

What phrase have you read where you had a similar reaction?

Let me know!!

As Always:

Shh!! Me Time!! 

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