My Bestie's Ex by Piper Rayne

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I reveived this book in exchange for a honest review.

Title: My Bestie's Ex
  Series: The Rooftop Crew
  Book #: 1
Author: Piper Rayne

Side note:  Even though it is the first book in a spin off series can be read as a standalone.

Ratings: (1-5)
   Characters: 5
   Plot: 5
   Interesting: 5
   Tie up loose ends: 5
   Length: 5
   Sexiness: 5
   Overall: 5

   Have I read books from this authors before: Yes.
   Recommend: The White Collar Brothers and The Bailey's Series.
   Thought on the Authors: I loved this book!!  I was on the edge of my seat reading this book!!  I just
      couldn't get enough!!  I absolutely adored the banter, the flirting, and oh how I wanted to shake
      Ethan.  This was a light hearted book and had Piper Rayne signature all over it!!


When you find yourself single and unhappy at your job what do you do?  Well, Blanca decided enough was enough and quit her job with no back up plan.  But luck was on her side.  As soon as she walks out of the door she runs into her childhood best friend.  Her friend is looking for a new roommate for the recently vacate room.  With this offer she will be closer to her family and is excited for the possibilities ahead of her.  Blanca impulsively agrees to move in immediately. 

Blanca gets a job with a small magazine close to her new appartment.  She gets along with the third roommate and she also gets along with their friends.  Blanca takes the last train home from her traditional family dinner.  As the train is about to take off a man rushes onto the train.  When Blanca gets a full look at him she can not believe how gorgeous he is.  They start with small talk and by the time they come to their stop chemistry is off the charts between them.

Ethan hates Sunday's, but he needs to be there for his mom.  He always takes the last train home and gives him time to decompose after visiting his family.  Ethan doesn't let people in and always has one foot out the door.  The last place Ethan thinks he is going to meet someone is the last train home on a Sunday night.  He immediately becomes intrigue by her.

What Blanca and Ethan don't expect is all the obstacles in their way.  Seems like universe is against them all the way around.

My thoughts:

I will say I might have sort of dated my bestie's ex.  Am I proud of it? No.  Was it worth it?  Yes.  Would I change it? No, not a chance.

The summer before 9th grade my friend had the biggest crush on this boy.  She had made out with him a few times, but no label was put on it.  She kept begging me all summer for me to meet this guy.  According to her he was smart, funny, caring, and the hottest guy she ever seen.  I finally gave in right before school started and agreed to meet him.

The first time I met him he ended up hitting on me while she was standing there.  Uh no.  Totally not acceptable.  So, I might have embarrassed him and walked away with her.  Well, I guess for him the brush off meant he had to try harder.  He continuously pursued me for months.  Between the text messages, phone calls, and finding me in the halls of school he would not stop.  My friend ended up dating some other guy.  My friend and I had a really long and good girl to girl conversation.  Towards the end of the conversation she ended up making a good point.  She said in all the time she has known him she never seen him act this way.  I needed to give him a shot.  I ended up going on a date with him.  Remember I am like 15 at this point and he was 16.

We ended up dating for a while.  We had a lot of up and downs.  Break ups and make ups.  The relationship was a roller coaster ride and in the end we always had this undeniable connection.  With us being so young we need time apart to see if it was real or just puppy love.

We had to do a lot of growing up and to have experiences without each other.  The whole. "If you love something let it go.  If it comes back then it is meant to be."  So, we did the growing up and maturing part.  We lived separate lives and maintained a friendship.  We finally reached the fork in the road.  When he got down on one knee and professed his love for me I said yes.  When our wedding day came we said I do.  And we have been married for 11 years now.   

I always tell him I would never renew my vows and I mean that.  If I had an option to do things differently or keeping things the same I would marry him again and again.  He is my best friend, the love of my life,  the person I complain about the most, and the person who knows me better than anyone.  I would never change a thing even if I did end up marrying my bestie's ex. 

As always,

Shh!! Me Time!!

P.S. She is still one of my best friends today!! 

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