Confessions of a Naughty Neighbor by Piper Rayne

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Title: Confessions of a Naughty Neighbor
  Series: The Bailey's
  Book #: 6
Authors: Piper Rayne

Side note: This is Phoenix's book!!

Ratings: (1-5)
   Good reads: 4.43
   Character: 4.5
   Plot: 4.5
   Interesting: 4.5
   Tie up loose ends: 4.5
   Length: 4.5
   Sexiness: 4.5
   Overall: 4.5

   Have I read other books by these author: Yes.
   Recommend: The other books in the series or any book by the authors.
   Will I read more books from these authors: Absolutely!!
   Thought on the authors:  I love their books.  I have really enjoyed this series and am really looking
      forward to the next book.  Actually the next book in the series is the one I have wanted to read
      since book 3!!

Book Info:
  Kindle Unlimited: No.
  Cliffhanger: No.
  P.O.V.: Dual
  Main Characters: Phoenix and Griffin


What length's would you go to enable to make your dreams come true?  Well, Phoenix Bailey thinks she has finally found her way to become a famous singer.  She is nothing but persistent and nothing is going to stand in her way this time.  Being the youngest of nine and a twin she is always living in her siblings shadows.  She is known as the difficult one and is always impulsive.  She has been begging her brother Denver to introduce her to his friend Griffin who just happens to be a music producer.  So, when she hears not only is he moving to her town, but in search of a nanny she decides she needs a plan.  She gets an idea when she volunteers to watch her brother's kids for five days.

Phoenix plan is to watch her nieces and nephews and to "accidentally" run into Griffin.  If he sees her as a nanny to other kids he is going to have no other choice but to hire her.  Then she can get close enough to him for him to help her achieve her dream.  When she finally runs into him it is not at all how she planned it out.  Griffin decides to interview her she learns he is no longer in the industry.  Quickly, Phoenix comes up with a plan b.  She decides if she can make enough money working as a nanny then she should  be able to make her way back to L.A.  What Phoenix never expected is what if having a singing career is not enough?

Griffin Thorne is now living in nowhere Alaska.  He decided he need to leave L.A. and try to give his son a "normal" life.  He wants to be able to live the simple life and have his son experience the real world.  Even though his son is miserable he is hoping he made the right decision.  He finally finds a nanny and is hoping this will be what they need in their life.  What he does expect is when the past collides with his present.  Secrets, lies, and wants always muddy the situation.  Can they find themselves shiny and clean again?

My thoughts:

In the book, Griffin is a bit older than Phoenix.  Now, sometimes age differences (even if there is a bit of a gap) doesn't always phase the people in the relationship.  Sometimes the age difference makes the relationship last and they end up happy.  Other times age and maturity over powers love.

Funny story I have.  Are you ready?  I wasn't when it happened.  I had an office job when I was in high school and all through college.  I was basically the receptionist/greeter/file girl/customer service.  I was the first person you would see and I interacted with all clients.  There was a guy who came into the office pretty often.  He had short blonde hair with dark brown eyes.  He was about 5'10", medium built, and probably around the age of 23.  Not really my type, but he was friendly borderline flirty.

One day he asked me to hang out at his house and just to get to know one another.  I agreed to go to his house after work.  Stupid? Yes.  But in my defense I was single, 19, and naive.  Are those excuses? Absolutely.  I was hoping he was going to be cool to hang out with even if it was just as  friends.

I showed up at an actual house.  The house was yellow, mother daughter high ranch, with a wrap around porch.  The house was a little run down, but looked inviting.  He was sitting out side on the porch swing and smiled when I got out of the car.  He met me half way and gave me a kiss on the cheek.  I thought cute.  We sat outside for a while just talking and I thought we were getting along well.  About 10 minutes to 7 he asked me if I would mind going inside.

I was presently surprised it was really nice and clean.  With us sitting outside for over an hour I thought he might be a slob or barely had anything.  Maybe he lived in the basement apartment or the upstairs apartment.  When he started to show me the house I was impressed.  Then he took me to the living room in the back and there was the missing pieces.

Sitting in the room was five people and a baby.  Now at first I thought okay he lives at home with his parents or relatives.  Some people stay home longer then others.  And I was right!!  This was his family and he proceeded to introduce me.  In that room was his mom, dad, sister, brother-in-law, his brother, and the brother's baby.  The all smiled at me and invited me to sit down in one of the fold up chairs in the room.  I didn't want to seem room so I took a seat.  Weird meeting the family the first time we hang out, but it got weirder.

I see what they are watching and it is Wheel of Fortune.  And let me tell you they were very serious about the show.  They did not talk during the show and if there was a noise they all whipped their heads toward the sound.  The looks those people gave were not very friendly.   The only time they would talk was during the commercial and it seemed interogation was also a past time they were good at. For example, the guy I was there for was 29.  Second, they thought we were dating for months and knew details about me.  Third all the siblings lived in the house with their family.  No one was allowed to move out.  You got married the spouse moved in.  The mother had a phobia of not having her kids around.  Right as Wheel of Fortune was over I told them I need to go. 

I got out of there as quick as I could.  Do you think that was the end?  Nope!!  He came into my job at the end of the following week wondering when we were going to go on another date.  I told him I didn't see it working out with us and that we were in different places in our life.

What would happen if I did go on a second date and it worked out with us?  I would have to live in the house.  Can you image?  Living with the parents, siblings, their spouses/partners, their kids, plus your own family?

Was the age difference a problem?  Not necessarily.  I was 19, living on my own, and was kind of done living with parents.  He was content being 29 and living with his parents.  We were in two different places in our lives and had a different vision of the future.  And yes I know it was one hang out session.  But just saying.

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