No Strings Attached by Jiffy Kate

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Title: No Strings Attached
Authors: Jiffy Kate

Side note:  I was an ARC on this book in exchange for an honest review.

Ratings: (1-5)
  Good reads:
  Characters: 4.5
  Plot: 5
  Interesting: 5
  Length: 4.5 (I wanted more)
  Sexiness: 5
  Overall: 4.8

  Have I read books by these authors before: No.
  Will I read more: Yes.
  Thoughts on the authors: Love, love, love this book!! I was hooked by the second page!!  I think
     the concept they came up with was not only interesting, but very sexy!!  I have never read any
     books by these authors and I am disappointed I didn't find them sooner.  I loved the mystery, the 
     drama, and the amazing chemistry between the main characters!! 

Book Info:
  Cliffhanger: No
  P.O.V.: Mostly Jude's


Jude is talked into going to a secret club by his best friend.  A club with auctions.  Only this is not you typical go on a date or an auction for charity.  Nope this is an auction for no strings, blind folded, hot, dirty sex.  When Jude signs up to be auctioned he is blind folded and brought onto the stage.  He is high on the excitement of not knowing who is going to win the bid.  From the moment his hand touches hers he is eager to know who she is.  After a dirty, steaming, all consuming sex the blind fold comes off.  He is shocked not only because she is beautiful, but the undeniable connection he had with this woman.  He tries to get her to stay, but it is against the rules.

Jude can not get her out of his mind.  He ends up going back to the club to see if he can find her.  Jude's in luck he does find her, but quickly learns she wants no part of him.  Jude can not let her go and tries every thing he can to forget about her.  Will he ever move on or will he always be consumed with the what if.

My thoughts:

Are you ever in a store and your attention catches on a random stranger?  You stare maybe a few seconds too long and they turn their head.  Their eyes catch your eyes.  You stand there in limbo because you can not look away even if you know you should.  For that brief moment you wonder what is that feeling.  Is it the excitement?  Is it an attraction? Or is it simply knowing all you are to each other is strangers?

As you are stuck there in limbo there are a few ways this play's out.  Option A you look away and continue on your journey.  The moment will play over in your head, but you are not the type to dwell on the situation.  Option B the other person walks away.  You sort of follow them to try to catch their attention again hoping you have another moment or more.  Or option C you do the flirty thing.

You know exactly what I am talking about.  You look back at the object in your hand and slyly look back to the person.  They smile at you, you smile at them, and then you desperately look at the items in front of you.  You want to appear you are trying to make a choice.  But in your mind you don't want to move.  You are hoping they come over to you and maybe you will get a date out of it. 

Here is the cross road.  Option A you make the move, option B they make a move, or option C you move along.  If we go with option A or B there are risks just with every choice me make.  You know in that moment whether the results are going to be worth it or not.  As I get old I realize I don't want what if's.  I want to be okay with the decisions I make and not look back.  So my advise to you is if you see that stranger in the store and you are single, GO FOR IT!!  No looking back!!

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