Brix by Brooke O'Brien

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Title: Brix
  Series: A Rebel's Havoc
  Book #: 1
Author: Brook O'Brien

Side note:  Totally a taboo book!!  Reader Beware!! 😉

  Good reads:
  Characters: 4.5
  Plot: 4.5
  Interesting: 5
  Sexiness: 5
  Overall: 4.75

  Have I read anything by this author before: No, but will be!!
  Thoughts:  This is my first book by this author and I have to say she absolutely nailed it!!
                    She took taboo to whole new level!!  Sexy, sexy, sexy!!  And I loved every minute of it!!
                    I got so lost in this book and I didn't want it to end!!  I absolutely fell for the dynamic
                    between the two characters and how the situations played out!!  Totally loved
                    this book!!

Book Info:
   Cliff hanger: No.
   P.O.V.: Dual


I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

This romance story is not a typical one.  Oh no!  This is step siblings who not only have combustible chemistry, but also have past history together.

Ivy and Brix have known each other since high school.  Ivy was the girl with glasses, over sized clothes, acne, and never stood up for herself.  Where Brix was the arrogant, cocky, beautiful boy who ruled the school.  If you were thinking they were friends better think again.  Brix loved to make Ivy's life a living hell and bully her whenever he go the chance.  .

Fast forward and things are looking quite different now.  Gone are the glasses (hello contacts), acne no more, bring on the self confidence, and goodbye to the baggy clothes.  When she meets up with her friend at a bar Brix's band is performing at he doesn't even recognize Ivy.  Brix tries to score his girl of the night by hitting on Ivy.  Except Ivy has the last laugh by rejecting him.  Since Ivy will be home only for a few months she will try her hardest to stay as far away from Brix.

Ivy's first morning home she not only learns her mother got married, but Brix his now her stepbrother.  It gets a little bit more interesting since she will be living in the same house as Brix all summer long.  Now the question is since they are off limits to each other can they keep it that way...

My thoughts:

As I was reading this book the question that kept entering my head is would I actually date my step sibling??

Okay, everyone's first reaction is basically hell to the no.  I understand that I do, but that leaves the what if's.

Here's the scenario that kept playing in my head.  You meet someone and the relationship is amazing.  You have great chemistry, you are compatible in every way that counts, and you know they are the one!!  There is no question in you mind they are it for you.

Something comes in the way of your relationship.  Let's say a job promotion and the long distance doesn't end up working out.  Fast forward some years later and you run into your person again.  You learn their situation has recently changed and they have moved back.  Come to find out you parent is getting married to their parent.

Do you just walk away from your second chance?  Do you just move on and look for someone who maybe fill that spot?  I would love to think it would be easy to just walk away.  I would like to think  because it didn't work out the first time there is no second chance.  With them becoming my step sibling those feelings CAN'T exist anymore.  But a small part of me thinks would I really just walk away?  I guess I will never really know.  Could you really just walk away?

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