Girl in Luv/ Boy in Luv by Jay Crownover and Rebecca Yarros

Hey everyone!!  This was so worth the read!!

Title: Girl in Luv/Boy in Luv 
Author: Jay Crownover and Rebecca Yarros
This a series: No, but is a duet.
Side note: These books need to be read one after another to get the full story

Rating (1-5): Good reads 4.28/4.01
     I am going to rate on both books as whole
     * Characters- 5
     * Plot- 5 
     * interesting- 5
     * tie up loose ends- 5
     * length- 4.5
     * overall- 5

 Would I read other books from this author: Yes, I have read other books  by both authors.

Book Info:
   * Kindle Unlimited: Yes
   * Cliffhanger: Yes, Girl is Luv is a cliff hanger, but the conclusion is in Boy in Luv
   * P.O.V. : Dual both heroine and hero
   * Main Characters- Langley Vaughn 
                                  Iker Alverez

   * Characters have a back story: No, they meet for the first time in the book.
   * Thought about the author(s):  Well, Jay Crownover is one of the very few authors that I will purchase a book and don't even know what the book is about.  I don't sample or read the description of them anymore. I just dive in because I absolutely love her writing and how she tells her stories.  I am never disappointed.  And now she wrote a book with Rebecca Yarros which just made the book all the better.  They have done it again and I absolutely love these books.  You want it to know the ending, but trying to savior every word.  Definitely, re-read material!!
   * Main story-  Langley Vaughn is in hell.  He's sexy, but in hell.  She lost her mother when she was a child and now she lives with her wicked step-mother and step sister.  Her only saving grace is her dad, but because she wants him to be happy he is blind to the abuse Langley has endured.  On top, of living on egg shells her stepsister is marrying her ex.  Oh, did I mention he cheated on Langley with the step sister.  The wedding is fast approaching and Langley needs a date.  She is desperate to find someone who will stir up some trouble and will be the talk of the wedding.
                          Iker Alvarez is no choir boy and has a rough upbringing.  He doesn't know who his father is and he mother took off after his little brother was born.  Iker was lucky and his grandmother step in to raise them both.  He has now taken on the responsibility of now taking care of his younger brother and grandmother.  Iker joined the army to make sure his brother gets out of his home town and be able to get into college.  Unfortunately, he still doesn't have enough.
                        A chance encounter in a bar two people meet.  One needs the bad boy and one needs money.  What happens when an arrangement is set and there is a time limit?  Can they live up to the arrangement or will it become too much?  Do they get every thing they want?

My thoughts:  Can you fall in love in a week?  Do you know enough about the person to say, " I love you" a week in?  Can the relationship last?  Can that person be your soul mate/ love of your life/your other half?

       I can honestly say my opinion might be jaded just a little.  Funny thing is when I read a book I want the story to go a certain way.  I am not a fan of when the whole length of the book is the week they fall in love and then the end.  I tend to not be interested and most likely will not read.  When I read I like to think of it as a process.  First,  I want to know how they first meet or meet again.  I want to relish in the chemistry and be anticipating what will happen next.  I want the attraction, but I don't want them to come together right away.  I kind of want the beginning to be like really good foreplay.  Then I want the struggle of the characters trying to make the relationship fit.  Like, the process of slow sex to really build up the climax.  And then I want the HEA, but I do not want a quick throw together rush to the end.  I want the after effects of trying to catch my breath, legs shaking, and the euphoric feeling.  It takes time, energy, and satisfaction. 

Now, I can believe people fall in lust and infatuation within a week.  Sometimes attraction and chemistry is so strong people believe that is love.   I think over time lust and infatuation can most definitely grow into love. If your instincts were right all along you can coin the phrase, "love at first sight".

The best example I have is my parents.  I would like to say I have learned what I want and don't want out of my own marriage.  My dad although not perfect set a very high standard of what a husband/dad should be.  And my mother has taught me how much dedication comes with a marriage.  I want to share their story with you.

My parents met in the early eighty's.  It just so happens my dad knew some of my mom's friends, but not her.  So, one lucky night they were both at this bar and were introduced to one another.  Two nights later they went on their first date.  My father ever the romantic had a unique bouquet of flowers waiting on the seat for her.  Two weeks later my father started to propose to my mother.  And every time he proposed to her she said no.  I don't know many men who not only keep proposing, but stick around after repeatedly being turned down.  Finally, 6 weeks later ( not enough time though) my mom said yes.  

Exactly 1 year and 4 weeks later they were married.  When they said I do they only knew each other for one year and 10 weeks.  Crazy right?  And strange part of it all is they are still married 38 years later.  Very uncommon especially today.  My parents have had some really great times and they have had some really low points in their marriage.  My parents despite all odds and what others have said they decided to put in the work and effort to make it last.  

Unfortuantely,  not everyone has their "fairy tale" the first time around, but I hope you have your own in the end.  I think you need to be happy and be happy with the relationship you have.  If you feel stuck or feel like you have no other choice their are not your person.  Being alone is not always a bad thing and I think people don't give themselves enough credit.  Just because you might choose the wrong person doesn't mean you are not enough.  Maybe you have made poor choices in the past doesn't mean your person is not out there. 

Let me know your story.

Little side note every occasion when my father buys my mother flowers it is still the same arrangement.  Like I said always the romantic!!

As always,

Shh!! Me Time!!  

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