Dear Ava by Ilsa Madden-Mills

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I really enjoyed this book!!

Title: Dear Ava
Author: Ilsa Madden-Mills

Side note:  This book is not for everyone and deals with dark topics!!

Ratings: (1-5)
  Good reads: 4.63
  Characters: 4.5
  Plot: 5
  Interesting: 5
  Length: 5
  Sexiness: 4.5
  Overall: 4.8

  Have I read other books by this author: Yes.
  Recommend: I Hate You.  Romantic Comedy.
  Thoughts on Author:  The author has a way getting you caught up in the stories.  This is book was
     was so good.  I really loved how she made the heroine in the story reasonable.  There was drama,
     but you weren't sitting there reading like why is the heroine dragging this on.  This made the
     character much more relatable and made love her more.  Excellent book!!

Book Info:
  Kindle Unlimited: Yes.
  Cliff hanger: No
  P.O.V.: Dual


Ava Tulip Harris (love the middle name) is an orphan.  Her mother left Ava and her younger brother years ago.  Ava is excited when she receives a scholarship to Camden Prep her freshmen year.  In the beginning of her junior year something horrific happens to her.  Unfortunately, her memory is spotty  at best and she doesn't understand why.  After the incident she takes the rest of her junior year off and ends up being home schooled.  Ava decides the beginning of her senior year she is going to go back and hold her head up high.  She knows going back to school she is going to have a tough road a head of her, but she is determined.  She has a plan for her to get her brother the best education and for her to get into med school.  Ava ends up finds an ally in the most unlikely person, but can it all actually be true.

Knox Grayson makes people believe he has it all.  His father is rich, he has a nice car, he's the quarterback, has a great relationship with his twin brother, and he is considered the "it" guy.  What people don't know is the secrets and lies he keeps.  They don't know what really makes him tick or who he really is.  It's easier for people to believe you are one thing so people won't ask any questions.  Slowly, he starts to open up, but will anyone be there when it all falls apart.

My thoughts:

My husband and I are total opposites for the world to see.  It has actually always been like that.  Let me explain.

In school, I was relatively well known.  I was nice, sweet, had a ton of friends at school, mixed and mingled with every one.  I was on the cheer leading squad/dance team, I wore kind of expensive clothes, and always had an easy smile on my face.  Now, if I would allow you into my world you which meant you would hang out with me outside of school knew different side of me.  I worked very hard enable to make the team and practiced at home constantly.  I would drive my mother nuts with how much I practiced to make sure I was perfect.  The clothes I wore were earned by working hard.  I starting babysitting when I was 12.  Then, when I turned 16 I worked in an office and babysat on my day's off or on the weekends.  I used to work 7 days a week and save my money for makeup, my contacts, my clothes, shoes, and anything else I wanted.  I also had to work hard for my grades.  I am not naturally smart, but I learned how to study.  So I did homework at 10 o'clock at night and would finally go to bed at 12.  To get up and do it all over again.

My husband in school was not well known.  If anything he was known for getting in trouble and being a "druggie".  He had the same friends in school as he did out of school.  If he didn't like you, you knew it.  He worked when he wanted to, but his parents gave him everything he wanted.  He was spoiled and babied by his parents.  He still is in a way.  Most people didn't know the suffering he was going through.  He used his bad attitude, I don't care attitude, and his closed off personality.

Since then the roles have reversed some what.  Now we are both hard working and he no longer takes hand outs.  Everything we own we have earned together.  We have had very little help in the last 13 years.  He now uses his smile as a mask instead of the bad attitude.  I on the other hand still use my smile, but I am not as social as I once was.  I have been burned one too many times and have learned it is okay if people don't like you.  The best part of this change is we did it together and we see the people we really are.  The honey mood phase has disappeared and we still respect and love each other.  Which is really surprising and I am very grateful for it.

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