Combative by Jay McLean

Hey everyone!! 

I have read all three books in the series!!  This is such a good series!!  You need to read this one!!

Title: Combative
  Series: Combative Series
  Book #: 1
Author: Jay McLean

Side note: Book one and two are out now.  Book three comes out on 1/6/2020

Rating: (1-5)
   Goodreads: 3.98
   Characters: 4
   Plot: 4.5
   Interesting: 5
   Tie up loose ends: too many
   Length: 4.5
   Sexiness: 4
   Overall: 4.4

   Have I read other books by the author: Yes, I have read ALL of them!!
   Recommend: Any book by the author!!
   Will I read more books by the author: Yes and have.
   Thoughts on author:
           Back in 2013 I was looking for a book to read.  A couple of the suggestions had come up and               one of those suggestions was a Jay McLean's book, "More Than This".  I never read a book of             her's but I downloaded a sample to see if it was something worth wild to read.  By the time I               read the sample I wanted more and purchased the book.  Ever since then I have always looked             for when her new books were published and would buy them the as soon as they came out.  I               can say every book I have read by her I finish in a day and sometimes in one sitting.  She is                 one of the authors I have found to have reread appeal.  I will have reread all of her books                     multiple times.  This series is no exception.

Book Info:
  Kindle Unlimited: Yes.
  Cliffhanger: Yes.
  P.O.V.: Mostly Ky's but there is sections of Madison's


Kyler Parker is in a bit of a predicament.  He is currently on leave from the army and is on edge.  After a fellow soldiers funeral a few of them including Ky decide to go to a bar.  While at the bar a man who has a strong distaste for the war decides to voice his opinion.  Ky takes matters in his own hand and ends up in a brawl with the man.  Ky ends up seriously hurting the guy and gets arrested.  Ky is waiting in the interrogation room in walks Detective Jackson Davis.  To Ky, Jax is his savior from his horrible childhood, his brother from a different mother, and the reason he is who he is.  Jax has a preposition for him to keep him out of jail.  Ky has to go undercover and has to attend anger management therapy.

Nate Deluca is Ky's target.  Ky needs to get into Delcuca's head.   This involves Ky going in for training for DeLucaand find out how he conducts business.  What Ky doesn't expect is a beautiful shy girl who has secrets of her own and has a weird obsession with just existing and mailboxes.

Madison feels lost and wants to be free.  The only things she needs is to exist, breath, and to be free.  She is slowly coming out of her shell.  Madison sets on a mission to to repair the damage in Ky's life.

And as you reading you think one thing and then BAM!!  The book takes a turn and you are like what?  What just happened?  Then you get a little excerpt for book two and its over.  The book is over and I listened to myself scream NOOOOOO!!  I could not wait for the next book and well you have to read the next review to find out what comes next!!

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