Rival Roomies by Piper Rayne

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Dylan and Rian's story is here!!

Title: Rival Roomies
  Series: The Rooftop Crew
  Book #: 3
Author: Piper Rayne

Side note:  I recommend you read the first two books if you haven't already!!

Ratings (1-5):
 Characters: 5
 Plot: 5
 Interesting: 5
 Length: 5 (has a bonus)
 Sexiness: 5

  Have I read previous books by this author: Yes.
  Will I read books in the future by this author: Absolutely!!
   Thought on the author:  I have been waiting for this book since the beginning!!  I was so intrigued
                                          with these two characters from the start!!  And this book did not                                                            disappoint!!  I loved how each book these characters not only evolved, but
                                          how their characters chemistry got more intense.  Excellent book and I can
                                          not wait for more!!

Book Info:
  Kindle Unlimited:
  P.O.V.: Dual


I receive this ARC in exchange for my honest review.

Rian is smart, is an amazing baker, loyal friend, and she just so happens to be completely in love with the man across the hall.  All their friends know, but he is the only one blind to her affection for him.  With everyone moving out one of her friends finds her a new roommate.  Who just happens to be Dylan ex-best friend and now his enemy.  Rian is taken back by the fact Dylan moves himself into her apartment.  Life for Rian is about to change.

Dylan knows he can not leave Rian alone with her new roommate.  They used to be like brother's until things turned south for their relationship.  Dylan knows he is no good for Rian and knows he could never be what she need's him to be.  But that doesn't mean anyone else is good enough for her either.

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