Fix by Molly McAdams

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I really enjoyed this book!!  I hope you do too!!

Title: Fix
Author: Molly McAdams
This a series: Brewer Series 
Side note:  First book in the series and oh it looks like it is going to be a good one!! 

Rating (1-5): 
     *Good reads: 4.40
     * Characters- 5
     * Plot- 4.5
     * Interesting- 5
     * Tie up loose ends- 5
     * Length- 4.5
     * Sexiness- 5 (handyman Sawyer all the way!!)
     * Overall- 4.83

 Would I read other books from this author: Yes, I have read other books by these authors.

Book Info:
   * Kindle Unlimited: Yes
   * Cliffhanger: Yes, but not for the main characters.
   * P.O.V. : Dual 
   * Main Characters- Rae Jacobson
                                  Saywer Dixon
   * Characters have a back story: No, they meet in this book for the first time.
   * Thought about the author(s):  I have read other book by this author.  And I would say I do love her writing    
                                                     even if some of her books I disagree with the ending.  For example, if you have                                                       read the "Taking Chances" series you either love it or were not happy with the                                                         ending.  I was totally Team Chase!!  I know, I know most people were not, but I                                                       was.  Even though I was not happy with that particular series, I still loved the                                                           angst and her writing, which is why I still read her books today.  This one did                                                           not disappoint!!  Angst and drama is definitely her sweet spot.  I also                                                                         love how sometimes her heroine is not well liked and flawed.  This take adds                                                           something to the story that really catches me. 
   * Main story:  Rae Jacobson has what I would like to believe to be my dream job.  Well, if I didn't want a family                  of course.  She is an author who travels around from state to state because she wants no ties to anyone                and does not want people to try to get close to her.  Rae has had a very tough childhood and is very                      closed off to the world.  She has barriers no one has been able to break through.  Although she is a very                private and distant person she still wants answers to her past.  And now is her time to search out those                  answers.  Rae believes she will find her answers in a small town called Amber but she didn't count on                    her walls crumbling down.

                        √ Sawyer Dixon is an all American at the age of 17.
                        √ Outstanding Football play.
                        √ Full scholarship and on his way to become a pro.
                        √ The girl of his dreams.
                        √ Loving family and a supportive town.

                       One unexpected event, one choice, and feeling out of control turns Sawyers life upside down.  He             ended up staying in Amber and is now the town handyman.  He not only takes care of his mother, but also             helps his siblings even though the brothers no longer speak.  Sawyer life has become a little mundane                   with his one night stands, but he refuses to let another woman become a fixture in his life.  Love is not in               his equation. Then again Sawyer never expected to find a beautiful woman standing in towel who will not               put up with his bs.

My Thoughts: 

I have had this conversation over and over again with different people.  Every person has come up with a different answer.  Well I am going to tell you what I think.  I don't know whether I am right or if I am wrong. 

How much of our childhood dictates who we are as adults? My answer is everything.  

Good question, right?  

We all did not have perfect parents and we ourselves are not perfect.  I believe starting from birth until about 13 is the critical time of our lives. And this is where I enjoyed Rae the character even more.

I know some people who grew up in either a hostile environment, neglected, too strict, or never good enough.  Whether they will admit it or not I can see how their lives have been affected by their childhood.  I have some of the same people say, "What ever happened to you as a child, you need to get over it".  While I can agree with that sentiment to some extent, there are some people can not just forget it.  And I do not blame them.

My husband is one of the lucky ones who were adopted when he was older.  We all know once a child reaches a certain age the chances of adoption gets lower. Like I said he was lucky.  I don't want to go into the whole story because it is not mine to tell.  I will give you basis for my question.

My husband is an odd one in a way he hates to be told what to do (hates authority lol) and is a people pleaser.  Weird, right?  I know and I will explain.  If he feels you are demanding him or he believes you are trying to get the upper hand you might as well as walk away.  He will be stubborn as anything and refuse to do it.  Now, if you ask he or he feels you are sad or not capable of doing it he wants to be the one to help.  On top of that he wants the praise for completing the task.  Now my husband is an alpha male, but his softer side comes from his abandonment issues.  He needs to feel he is good enough and needs the praise from others to feel validated.

I wish I could say this has never affected him or us, but I would be lying.  Sometimes his need to help others over rides our needs at home.  While I do know this is not a conscious decision on his part it still happens.  Over the years we have worked through it and we have been able to be more understanding with each other.  We are definitely not perfect, I like to think we are an amazing work in progress!!  

As Always:

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