Sweet Chaos by Emery Rose

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An amazing book 2 in a series!!

Title: Sweet Chaos
  Series: Love & Chaos
  Book #: 2
Author: Emery Rose

Side note:  I would recommend reading "Wilder Love" first.

Ratings: (1-5)
  Characters: 5
  Plot: 4.5
  Interesting: 5
  Length: 5
  Sexiness: 5

  Have I read books by this author before: Yes.
  Will I read more from this author: Yes.
   Thoughts on author:  The first book I read by this author was "Wilder Love" which is the first book
                                      in this series.  I was so intrigued by her book I could not wait to read this one!
                                      This book was amazing.  I love the chemistry between the characters.  I loved
                                      how the author went more in depth with both characters back stories.  I really
                                      enjoyed the character's development through out the book.  Excellent book!!
                                      I enjoyed it so much that I started her series "Beautiful"!!

Book Info:
   Kindle unlimited: Yes.
   P.O.V.: Dual


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

Dylan St. Claire has had a really rough childhood.  He is the boy on the wrong side of town.  Everyone knows he does shady things and that his mom is trash.  He tries to protect his twin sister as much as he can.  With everyone looking down on him he is determined to prove them wrong.  As a teenage he fell in love with the golden girl.  Deep down he knew it would never last with having different social classes.  As time has gone on he has not only made a name for himself, but has a nice house and money of his own.  Dylan is always trying to fight the boy is used to be and what he doesn't expect is the golden girl younger sister might just be his sweet chaos. 

Scarlett Woods decided she wanted to live her life the way she wanted.  She was not going to live by her father's standards and she was not going to live in her sister's shadow anymore.  Scarlett comes back to her home town and wants to make it on her own.  She takes a job at a surf shop designer and wants to be able to be free from judgment.  When she runs into her childhood crush she knows she doesn't stand a chance.  Why would he want her when he had someone like her big sister.

My thoughts:

Ahh... the bad boy!!  Or the bad girl!!  Either way we all want the rebel, the "I don't care" attitude, the person who beats to their own drum.  I ended up marrying my bad boy.  My hubby was always getting suspended and eventually was expelled.  My parents never said too much about me dating him.  They knew what he was about and occasionally my mother would hint he was a better friend than a boyfriend. 

Right before we got married I had asked my mom why they never said anything about my husband.  Her response to me is they knew I was a good kid and as long as I stayed that way all was good.

As my parents were monitoring my behavior and grades to make sure my hubby wasn't a bad influence my friends were a totally different story.  I can not tell you how many times they told me how he was using me, wanted me nothing more than sex, and would toss me aside when he was done.

When we proved them wrong and that there was more to him and us as a couple they disappeared.  That is right.  I lost friend after friend.  First, when we finally got engaged.  They stopped calling and coming around.  Then when we got married the rest showed up to my wedding offering congratulations and how happy they were for us.  With in weeks they were gone.  I mean some are friends on my personal Facebook and Instagram.  But I know, they know, and you know its all just a game of show.  We will never will be seen behind the filters and the posed pictures. 

So, sometimes the bad boy and/or girl might be our "one"!!  And that is perfectly okay for me!!

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