Falling For My Brother's Best Friend by Piper Rayne

This book is sooo good!!  Scratch that this series is sooo good!!

Title: Falling For My Brother's Best Friend
 Author: Piper Rayne

 This a series: Yes
     *Name: The Bailey's

 Side note: This is a series and this book is number 4 with one novella.

 Rating (1-5):
    *Good reads 4.62
    *Characters- 5
    *Plot- 5
    *Interesting- 5
    *Tie up loose ends- 4
    * Length- 4
    *Overall- 4.75

Would I read other books from this author: Yes, I have read some of them. Definitely will be reading                                                                        more.
Book Info:
     * Kindle Unlimited: No
     * Cliffhanger: Yes, but to lead you to a secondary characters to become main characters in the                                     next book in the series.
     * P.O.V. : Dual both heroine and hero
     * Main Characters- Savannah Bailey
                                     Liam Kelly
     * Characters have a back story: Yes, they grew up in the same town.
     * Thoughts about the author: Well, if you are not familiar with Piper Rayne then I will let you                                                             know it is actually two people. This duo has a knack to make the                                                           series funny and light, but also incorporates some serious issues.
     * Main story- Savannah Bailey is the second oldest of the Bailey clan of nine. She took over the family business when she was 19 due to a tradegy. Savannah is independent and strong, but is seen as the uptight sibling. She is always trying to fix everyone else and doesn't take out time for herself. Since Savannah is so worried about helping everyone and being married to her job she fears love will never happen for her. So when her house floods she is not sure where she is going to go. Until Grandma Dori (not the fish ;)) suggest that Liam has the room at his house.
                            Liam Kelly owns a tattoo shop and happens to be Savannah's twin brother's best friend. He is an only child and his parents no longer live in state. He has always been an honorary member of the Bailey's. Everyone in town knows where there is trouble the twin's and Liam are at it again. Liam has always been thee more level head of the three. Right now one of the twins is staying in his house and driving him crazy. Can Liam open the door for another Bailey? The real question is can he keep his hands to himself?
My Thoughts: As I was reading I kept bouncing back and forth between two topics and I finally decided. In a previous post I talked about don't judge a book by its cover. And I believe that to be true to an extent. I mean eye candy is there for a reason right?? I will admit when it comes to books the cover most of the time is what gets me to read the description. Sometimes my judgement is horrible and just proves you can't always judge a book by its cover.  Quite often I do get lucky!!   Attraction is key in certain aspects of our lives and that is why sometimes covers of books are everything!! 

        When we look at a person we are instantly looking at their feature and deciding whether we like what we see or if we don't.  And whether we want to admit it or not judgement is there.  I had to say their have been some good looking guys in this series (of course in my head), but Liam is more my style.  As they have said in previous books he is a bear of a man.  Liam is tall and has lots and lots of muscle . I am a little shorter than average height,  but for some strange reason I like men who are much taller than me. I love to wear my heels and I want my man taller than me.  And hey a bonus for me if they just happen to have muscles who am I to complain. I look at it as they care about their health and want to look nice. I just get to look and appreciate the view!! ;)
         In the book, Liam owns a tattoo pallor and most would assume he has tats. If you made that assumption you would be correct. I find it sexy when a man (who can pull it off) has tattoos. Arms, calves, shoulders, backs, chest, stomach etc. But a man who is straight and only has a tramp stamp is to me a HELL NO!! Put something else on your back for crying out loud!! And yes, I do know someone like that. And yes, I have told him that!!
        For me there is something about men with dark hair and light eyes. Liam has that going for him and which is another check in my book!! I think if a man has almost black color hair, olive skin, and light eyes is so sexy and appealing to me. *Cough* *cough* my husband!! Add a beard that is nicely kept, full, but kind of close to the face!! Just Mmmm!! To this model man lets add a nice t-shirt, jeans that fit (not to tight, but not too loose), and a nice pair of work boots. POOF!! My dream man!! And don't get me started if he wears a nice fitted suit with a tie to bring out his eyes!! Sigh. Sooo good.            There a couple of things I am just like no. I am sorry, but just don't get me excited. I really not a fan of long hair or man buns. I do have one exception which is Thor. Am I right?? I don't know what it is, but he is all kinds of eye candy. Another hard no for me is butt cracks!! I do not want to see it and your crack is not attractive. A muscular butt yes, your crack no. Oh and teeth. I am a huge person about a smile!! I like someone who has clean white teeth. I feel like it tells me all about your hygiene. A big turn off for me is bad smelling cologne or too much cologne. I feel like even with perfume just because you like the scent maybe ask someone else if they like the smell when it is on you. I know I am totally picky and probably seem like I have very high standards. This is just my dream guy and I got dreams!! Then again I might be describing my husband well except for he has a slight dad bod. He says he proud of his dad bod and he has earned it!! What is your dream person??

As always:
Shh!! Me Time!!

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