Co-Ed by Rachel Van Dyken

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Title: Co-Ed (A Bro Code Series)
Author: Rachel Van Dyken

Side note:  This book was published in April 2018 but the next three books in the series are coming
                  this month.

Ratings: (1-5)
    Goodreads: 3.98
    Characters: 5
    Plot: 5
    Interesting: 5
    Tie up loose ends: 4
    Length: 4  (only because I think the ending wrapped up too quickly)
    Sexiness: 4.5
    Overall: 4.58

   Have I read other books by this author: Yes.
   Recommend:  With this author I can not rave enough about her books.  If I had to pick my favorite
                           series I would have to go with Consequences, but I do love her books.
   Thoughts about the Author:  If you like comedy, drama, some dark topics, and romance she is the                                                      author for you!!  She has a way of writing that always makes me
                                                  laugh and wonder where she comes up with this stuff.

Book Info:
   Kindle Unlimited: No.
   Cliff hanger: No
   P.O.V.- Dual
   Main Characters: Shawn (female) and Knox


Shawn (FYI female) is transferring her junior year to a new college.  She is recently off of a bad break up and needs a fresh start.  Shawn is an athlete and wants to start living her life outside of school and softball.  With her being an athlete and with a (typical) boys' name she ends up in the dorm with a guy and suite mates with three more guys.  Her first night there she hears moaning in the suite mates room.  When she starts to question things her roommate decides to show her what is actually going on.  Oh man, does she get an eye full.  Shawn watches intently as a well sated looking woman walks out of the room across the hall.  Following the woman three of her suite mates walk out of the room with sexy smirks on their faces.  As the woman is about to leave the men surround her as she slips money to them and walks out.  Shawn doesn't know if she is more shocked that it looks like a foursome just went on across the hall or how incredibly gorgeous each of the men are.  Her male room mate makes her promise she will not fall for their charming ways.  She makes a promise to him, but she doesn't expect them to be constantly around and trying to get her attention.  How much can one girl take before she gives in to their charming ways?

Knox Tate is finishing out his senior year of college.  And he is becoming very restless.  He only has  four more months and he has a job waiting for him with Wingman Inc.  Knox has been interning with them trying to prove he has what it takes to be in corporate.  Knox can not wait to be done having to please woman, men, and even grandmas.  That is until he meets his new suite mate Shawn.  As much as he wants her, she is not part of the plan.  Knox doesn't know how to deal with his guilt and his secrets from his past enable to move on.  Will Shawn be the test he needs?

My thoughts:

Okay, you are probably wondering why it took me so long to read this since I am raving about the author.  Well when I read the description of the book I wasn't really into it.  While I was on my search for new books I seen the author had the rest of the series coming out this month.  I figured I would sample the book and see if it would be worth my time.  It sooooo was!!  I knew this book was going to be good after the second page.  My only regret is I waited so long not to read the sample.  I can not wait to read the next book!!  And because this is a spin off to another series of hers I had to reread them too.

This book was definitely an up beat version of a reverse harem.  The past ones I have read were darker, no real sense of humor, and drama.  This book was more (for me) my type of reverse harem.  Three gorgeous men who pamper, worship, protect, and take care of you.  Who wouldn't want that!! You want coffee you get coffee.  You want quiet time you get a room to yourself.  Bonus the room is  sound proof.  You want to go shopping they will wait patiently as I look at everything I want.  There is no complaining I am taking to long.  No complaints they didn't get to look at the "electronic section".  I start to feel tense and need relief I get a massage.  And not just any massage they would massage my head, my back, and my feet.  Heaven just Heaven!!  Of course this is a fantasy.  I can barely get the garbage taken out by the one I have.  Never mind having three of them and we all know it would be three times the problem.

I want to touch on this topic that took place in the book.  I feel like if I don't say something I would be more upset with myself because I didn't say anything.  Please bare with me.  Shawn is a biracial woman.  In the past she has been judged because she has dated white men.  And those white men had a problem with marrying a biracial woman.  I have always believed we should love who ever we want and who makes us happy.  I don't understand when people think they can judge what someone else wants.  If it is not you who has to marry the person and they are good to each other how is it anyone else business.  I have friends and family members who have biracial children and they are just loving children.  Children who were a gift and who didn't ask or request what color or sexual orientation their parents are.  My kids are mixed white and Hispanic.  I personally don't think it is anyone's business to make comments.  My kids are happy, healthy, and loved.

After you read this book please drop me an email or comment I would love to know what you thought!!

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