Enemies by Tijan

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This review is recommended for 18 and older!!

Title: Enemies
Author: Tijan

Side note:  This is a standalone novel.  I believe this is her best book!!

Ratings: (1-5)
   Goodreads: 4.48
   Characters: 5
   Plot: 5
   Interesting: 5
   Tie up loose ends: 4.5
   Length: 5
   Sexiness: 5
   Overall: 4.91

Have I read other books by the author: Yes
   Recommend:  I loved Ryan's Bed well until this book.
   Will I read more books by the author:  Yes and I can not wait!!

Book Info:
   Kindle Unlimited: Yes
   Cliffhanger: No
   P.O.V.: Dusty's P.O.V. for the first 90% of the book.  We get a couple of chapters from Stone.

Thoughts about author:  I truly enjoy the author's books.  I have read most of her books and I have to                           say she doesn't disappoint!!  Ms. Tijan books always deal with deep issues, but she
                         has a knack for knowing when to add just a little bit of humor.  If you haven't
                         read her books yet you should definitely check them out!!

Main characters: Dusty Phillips and Stone Reeves


Dusty Phillips (what a name) is trying to start a new life.  Ever since her best friend left her behind in sixth grade her life has taken a downward spiral.  With all that has happened she decides in her Junior year in college to transfer to a college down in Texas.  As soon as her transfer goes through she answers an ad to rent a room.  The ad wants a quiet and studios student and that is exactly what Dusty needs. 

After a long trip to where she will now call home she finds it is not at all what she expect.  A party is going on and turns out to be a football party.  Not only is this not what Dusty expected, but the other housemates are not very welcoming to her staying there.  Dusty finds out her room is in the basement, but at least she has her own entrance. This means she can come and go with out going through the house and avoid them as much as possible.  She is hopeful with school and getting a new job she will be able to keep herself busy.

Almost as soon as Dusty thinks things might settle down she gets more tragic news and it comes from the one person she hates the most!!  But what happens when the person you hate is the one person who is there for you?

Stone Reeves used to be best friends with his next door neighbor.  As he grew up he choose to ignore Dusty and focus on other things.  Now Stone is a professional football player and has been living his life one play at a time.  He gets forced into contacting Dusty due to her family.  And when a tragic event happens he feel obligated to step in and help Dusty.  Stone has baggage and secrets of his own.  Will he be able to put that behind him and be able to move forward?

My thoughts:

Sex.  Right. Wrong. Dirty. Rough. Vanilla. Angry. Sensual. Foreplay. Fantastic. Great. Raw. Horrible. Naughty. Mind blown. Quick. Slow. Fast. Hard. Food. Toys. Props. Bad. Good. Boring.

For a adult romance novel the sex in the book can make or break the book.  A really good author will be descriptive and will make the scene steamy.  A good author will give you details and maybe not so steamy, but still goes on par for the book.  Where I have a problem with a sex scene is when it is added into a book and it does not fit the tone of the book.  For instance if it is a sweet story don't give me a BSDM for the sex scenes.  If you want that tone and keep the story sweet then please give me hints there is a darker side to the characters.  Another way an author can get the sex wrong in a book is when you can't wait for the sex scene to come and it is boring.  There is no build up, the words are wrong, and all you want to do is skip the pages.  Just no!!  PLEASE NO!!

You may be wondering why I am (just a little) obsessed with the sex scenes in books.  First, I love sex.  Second, sometimes it gives me an ideas of my own.  Three, I am a huge fan of romance novels with sex involved (not all but most).  And last but not least I find the basis of book sex interesting.  I know it is fiction, you know it is fiction, yet I still have a compulsion to compare it to real life sex.

In books, sex can start with a physical attraction and (usually) lead to great sex.  I find this doesn't really fit in the real world.  To be physically attracted to someone doesn't necessarily means it equals to great sex.   I believe chemistry and want are two very important factors. Then add being physically attractive to the person can make for the mind blowing, back scratching, toe curling sex.  Great sex (and yes they have to know what the are doing) comes with more emotion then most of us want to admit.

For instance you and I have sex with the same person, but each of us will come out with a totally different experience.  And not just the basics, but the whole experience.  While one of us would be like, " OMG!!  He was amazing" and the other person could be like " I couldn't even enjoy it".  Does that mean someone was bad in bed?  Not necessarily.   We might tell our friends that.  We might say he is not worth it.  On the other hand the other person is giving the medal of approval how good he is.  This is where even in a one night stand there has to be certain emotions in play.  Chemistry and want from both parties enable the couple to have amazing sex.

I believe if there is no connection, no chemistry, no real want, bad sex is on the horizon for you.  And maybe, just maybe why marriages can loose there fizzle.  Fingers crossed I never find myself in that situation.  Plus, I do have my books for ideas!!  I know for me I want the need to want to be pleased and the want to please him.  Sometimes I like it a little rough 😉, sometimes I want it sensual, and sometimes make up/angry sex is the best.  And in this book the author nailed it!!  One of the best I have read!!

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