Avoiding Temptation by Rachel Van Dyken

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This is book 3 in the series!!

Title: Avoiding Temptation
  Series: Bro Code Series
  Book: #3
Author Rachel Van Dyken

Ratings: (1-5)
  Goodreads: 4.32
  Characters: 4.5
  Plot: 4.5
  Interesting: 4.5
  Tie up loose ends:5
  Length: 4.5
  Sexiness: 4.5
  Overall: 4.58

   Have I read other books by the author: Yes.
   Recommend: Wingmen Inc. and the two other books in the Bro Code Series.
   Will I read more books by this author: Absolutely!!
   Thoughts on the Author:
      The author's ability to think of different concepts always has me laughing and has me wanting
      to try somethings.  Sexy meets humor says hello some drama, and unfortunately have to say
      good bye at the end.   And always wanting some more.

Book Info
  Kindle Unlimited: Yes.
  Cliffhanger: No.
  P.O.V.: Dual
  Main Characters: Slater and Tatum


What happens when you have an awesome make out session and gets cut short because you are kissing the wrong person.  Well Slater has found himself in this predicament. 

Slater finds himself at another college party.  Same girls, same stares, and same boring dance.  When a no non-sense girl approaches and she piques his interest.  One steamy hot kiss is ruined when he  ripped away from said girl.  Unfortunately, Slater finds out this girl is one of his best friends sister.  Which means she is totally off limits.  He "tries" his hardest to stay away, but it is becoming impossible to get her out of his mind.

Tatum Titus just transferred to the college her brother attends.  With the humiliation she suffered at her old college she needs to start a new life.  Her brother believes she transferred there to be with him. When her brother tells her to meet him at the party she knows this is her chance for her real reason for transferring to this college.  Tatum has to find away to tell Slater her secrets and to try to convince him there is something there between them.

My thoughts:

When I was in college I made a ton of mistakes.  There are times that I learned my lesson the first time.  Embarrassingly, there were times it took me two or three tries.  Hey, I'm human.  Everyone knows mistakes can even happen in our adult life on a daily basis.  Funny thing is when I was in college I thought once I became "adult" and had a real job my mistakes would become less.  Well, "adult me" would tell "naive me" you know absolutely nothing.

One mistake or maybe we will call it a hiccup in my life is when I met a boy/man named Ralph.  Yes, Ralph is his real name and he probably doesn't even remember me.  My friends and I used to go to bars/clubs Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night.  We were all single at the time and just wanted to have fun.  A new club was opening up on Saturday night and it was about a half hour away from the town we lived in.  We did what every single girl who goes out do.  We all got dressed at one persons house where there was makeup everywhere, hair products spread around, and a constant changing of clothes.  Don't forget the judgments being thrown about, the gossiping about boys, and many of compliments being thrown around.

We all pile into two cars and we are on our way.  Music blaring, laughing, and checking each others makeup.  We pull up and there is a line around the door.  If I go into a restaurant now and there is more then a 20 minute wait I am out.  But we waited an hour to get in and were so excited when finally make it inside.  We all head to the dance floor because we are there to dance.  Duh!!  We are dancing and singing to the music just having fun. 

All of a sudden I feel someone behind me and I look over my shoulder to see what he looks like.  Let's pause for a second.  Anyone I don't care what gender you are always look to see who has started to dance with you.  If they are not your type you casually (at least at first) move along.  If they are someone you are okay with you stay and dance.  I see he is not bad looking, nice body, and knows how to move.  After the third song he turns me around and just start to make out with me.  Now I didn't put up a fight but I could taste some kind of alcohol on his breath.  Again, I was okay with the progression of the night so far.

Its about three in the morning and my friends want to head home I am so ready to leave.  I disentangle myself from him and say goodnight.  It was fun, but that is where it ends.  Well, he didn't think it was.  He decides he wants more of my time and was holding on to my arm.  He was practically begging me to stay I am like hell to the no.  He tells me he is in the army and he is only here for one more night as he slowly tries to back me into a corner. I try politely decline him again and try to wiggle my way out of his grip.  My friends sees what he is doing and she steps in between us and rips me away from him.  We practically run to the car and get out of there.

Tell me why two days later I am walking to my first class of the day and I see him walking towards me.  At first I start panicking thinking he is going to see me. I am now frantically searching for a place to hide.  I thought he was in the army apparently not.  The only option I have is to hide behind the person in front of me.  And they look at me like I am the crazy one.  At that moment I probably did look crazy.  He walks right by thank the heavens.  I am very grateful either he was drunk or he never got a good look at my face.  Lets just say I never made out with a stranger in a club again.  Lesson learned.

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