Breaking Defenses by J.B. Salsbury

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Title: Breaking Defenses
Author: J.B. Salsbury

Side note:  This is Carey Slade's story Jonah and Raven's youngest kid.  Short and sweet book.
Ratings: (1-5)
   Goodreads: 4.30
   Characters: 4.5
   Plot: 4.5
   Interesting: 4.5
   Tie up loose ends: 4
   Length: 3.5 because I always want more
   Sexiness: 4
   Overall: 4.16

   Have I read other books by the author: Yes.
   Recommend: The Fighting Series series, Love, Hate, Rock-n-Roll series, and the standalone Jack
      & Sadie.  These are all books that give you more insight and they were awesome.
   Will I read more books by the author: Yes and I can not wait for the next.
   Thoughts on the author:  I loved the Fighting series, Love, Hate, Rock-n-Roll series, along with the
        standalone Jack & Sadie.  This was a nice added bonus.  I just wish the book was longer.  Selfish
        of me I know.  Great writing always wants you wanting more.

Book Info:
   Kindle Unlimited: No
   Cliff hanger: No
   P.O.V.: Dual

Rowan Campbell is a senior in high school and has spent all of her time trying to secure a full scholarship to college.  Her family doesn't have the money to help her and this is the only way she can go to college.   Rowan is an introvert and a wallflower where students barely know she exists.  She has one last math final and her future will be secure.  While she is taking a test a water bottle rolls under her desk.  She reaches for the water bottle and the teacher sees there are answers written on the water bottle.  The teacher ends up sending her down to the principals office and ultimately Rowan looses her scholarship. 

Fast forward three years and Rowan is working three jobs enable to go to her dream college.  One of her jobs is to tutor students in math.  When she is assigned a new student she doesn't expect high schools playboy Carey Slade.

Carey Slade is in a whole lot of trouble.  The Bowl Game for college is two days after Christmas and if he doesn't ace his make-up Math test he is ineligible to play.  He ends up asking the professor for a tutor.  He doesn't expect to come face to face with the girl he got in trouble in high school.  Carey is hoping she is the answer to his problem, but will the guilt keep him from something more.

My thoughts:

When I am talking to my friends and they tell me to put myself in their shoes I have a famous point.  I know they probably hate me when I say it and now I am going to share it with you.  We ALL make exceptions for our spouses/lovers/partners.  An exception I make for my husband might not be an exception you would for your significant other. 

Don't we all have limitations and boundaries that differ from one another??  That would be a yes.  The same goes with exceptions for our significant others and the character in this book is no exception.  See what I did there?? I guess the best way I can explain what I am talking about is give you an example.

My hubby likes to go on guys weekend once a year.  Usually the guys weekend is my husband going back to our home state and hanging out with his friends.  Now, before I go on remember there is no judging.  Even though there will be the tiniest bit part of your brain that will.  So while my hubby is there the first thing they do is sit around watch a game, drink some beer, and eat a ton of junk food and sandwiches.  Then there is the point in the trip were they think they are still 21 ,even though they are in their mid-thirties.  Which means it is okay to go on an all night drinking binge at a bar.  Said bar is the first bar they all used fake id's at, but men are not sentimental at all.  Do you feel the sarcasm there??  And because they are in their mid-thirties they need a day of recovery.  Then one person out of the group has a brillant idea to go to the strip club. 

I personally don't care about him going to a strip club.  I know, I know most women do mind, but that is one of my exceptions.  I don't understand the appeal of a strip club.  Now, "Magic Mike" was extremely hot and sexy on screen but in person just not my thing.  I feel like I have to trust him until he proves me wrong.  If one day he does prove me wrong then my marriage wasn't meant to last.  Sad, but the true.  A positive aspect is my husband does not feel the need to lie to me about going to the strip club.  His friends on the other hand do end up fibbing to their significant others.  Just an FYI  my husbands bachelor party (what he wanted) was at a bar with his friends drinking and I had to pick him up from the bar.  There was no strippers and no dancers in sight. 

I always say you do not know what situation these women are in.  A lot of them fall in to three catergories: single moms, students, and down on their luck.  They have to make money and they need to do them.  I am certainly not one to judge, do what you got to do. 

That's my exception, what's yours??

As always,

Shh!! Me Time!!

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