Playing For Keeps by Allie Ciz

What an ending!!

Title: Playing For Keeps

Author: Allie Ciz

Series: U of J

Book #: 3

The previous two books in the series needs to be read before this book.  I promise it is worth it!!

  Book 1: Looking to Score

  Book 2: Game Changer


What an ending to this series!! After the first two book were cliffhangers I was eager to get my hands on this book!! I absolutely adore this series!!

I fell in love with Mason's character from the start. As the books went on I loved how his character evolved and was able to show he was more than just a jock. From his "caveman ways" to his sweetness had me swooning.

I adored Kayla's sassy no nonsense personality. Her t-shirt game was on point. I really enjoyed Kayla becoming her own person and stepping out of her box.

The author did an amazing job with the secondary characters. She made sure each character had a specific personality and each one played an important part. I find that very refreshing. I can't wait to see what the author comes up with next!!

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