Hold on to Hope by A.L. Jackson

Hey everyone!! Love this series.  And have been waiting and I finally got it!! 

Title: Hold on to Hope
Author: A.L. Jackson
This a series: This is a continuation of the Fight for Me series.
Side note: I previously reviewed the other three books that came before this book.  I do recommend reading the                      others books before this one. 

Rating (1-5): 
     *Good reads: 4.47
     * Characters- 5
     * Plot- 5 
     * Interesting- 5
     * Tie up loose ends- 5
     * Length- 4.5
     * Sexiness- 4.5
     * Overall- 4.5

 Would I read other books from this author: Yes, I have read other books by this author.

Book Info:
   * Kindle Unlimited: Yes
   * Cliffhanger: No.
   * P.O.V. : Dual both heroine and hero
   * Main Characters- Frankie Leigh Gunner  
                                  Evan Bryant

   * Characters have a back story: Yes, the characters have known each other since childhood.
   * Thought about the author(s):  I absolutely loved the Fight for Me series!!  I was so excited when I seen Hold                                                         on to Hope was coming out.  Every time I read a book by A.L. Jackson I                                                                   do not want to put the book down.  From beginning to end she captures you!!
   * Main story-    Since we met Frankie Leigh she always beats to her own drum.  She is outspoken, causing                                all kinds of trouble, and is extremely loyal.  And now we get to see her all grown up.  She is                                    currently working at A Drop of Hope which is a family/friend bakery.  She has just graduated from                          college, but has yet to use her degree.  She been lost the last three years without her best friend                            and has not been able to move on. 
                          Evan has know his whole life he was different.  Evan was born with a heart condition, has had a                          heart transplant, and is deaf.  He decides he no longer wants to be a burden to his family.  He                                thinks because of his heart condition he can't give Frankie Leigh the life she deserves.  Evan                                  decides to leave without telling anyone and leaving a not.  Three years later he is back and he                                needs the help from his family and friends more than anything.  
                          Will they forgive him? Will he be able to protect his secrets?  Is there a future for Frankie Leigh                            and him? 
My thoughts:  

As far back as I can remember I wanted to be a mom.  I am definitely been called (more than once) a girly girl.  I owned probably over 20 baby dolls.  I named them, dressed them, accessorized them, etc.  My favorite baby doll was Erica which just happened to be the first doll who peed and pooped.  My parents hated the doll, but she was so real to me at the time.  I seriously took taking care of the doll to the next level.  I would feed her and change her all the time.  I still can't believe my parents would buy me baby diapers for Erica.  Every day I would dress her, brush her hair, feed her change her and even went as far as painting her nails.  Of course I used tinker bell products and they obviously painted pink.  When I would have to go to school I would pretend it was me going to work and Erica would be with the babysitters. 

As I got older I was taking care of my cousins and at 12 I started babysitting.  I made pretty good money back then, I could not wait for the day I became a mom.  The first time I got pregnant I can not describe how excited and anxious I was.  I just couldn't wait!! I wasn't as naive as I was when I was a kid, but I was not prepared for what was in store for me.  On some level I think we all are.

I knew I was pregnant before I even took the pregnancy test.  I knew I was pregnant before I even missed my period.  Crazy, right?  I was vomiting, everything smelled funny, tasted funny, funky taste in my mouth, and my emotions were all over the place.  I ended up vomiting the whole time, had preeclampsia, and was very sluggish all the time.   I didn't care whether boy or girl (even though I was convinced I was having a girl) I just wanted a healthy baby.

You know that parent instinct you get when you know something is not right.  You get this feeling in the pit of your stomach, your heart beats faster, and no matter how you try to think positive you just know.  He was born with melanoma and intermittent extopia.  When my son was finally diagnosed (at the age of 2 1/2) I about lost myself.  Constantly worrying if I did something or how I was going to get him through this.  Every time he was at the doctor's office I was holding my breath waiting for good news.  Every surgery and procedure he went in for was nerve racking.  Internally I was going out of my mind, but outside I had to stay calm.  I had to make sure to be there for my son and if I was a mess I couldn't be beneficial to him. 

Whether you are a biological, step, foster, adopted, or guardian of a child your job is to take care of their basic needs, love them, guide them, and protect them.  As parents boundaries are very important.  Where do you draw the line?  How far do you go?  Remember we are not raising them for tomorrow, we are raising them to grown adults.

As Always:

Shh!! Me Time!!

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