Show Me by A.L. Jackson

Hey everybody!!!

I'm not sure if anyone has read any books by this author but if you haven't you should!!  A. L. Jackson is a very detailed writer and I absolutely love her books!! I have read them all!!

I hope you enjoy!!

Title: Show Me the Way
Author: A.L. Jackson
This a series: Yes
    *Name of Series: Fight for Me
    * Book #: 1

Side note: 

There are three books in the series.  September 9th, of this year they became a bundle. 
Rating (1-5): Good reads 4.11
     * Characters- 5
     * Plot- 4
     * interesting- 5
     * tie up loose ends- 4
     * length- 4
     * overall- 4.5

Would I read the rest of series: Yes and I have
 * Would I read other books from this author: Yes

Book Info:
   * Kindle Unlimited: Yes all books in series are
   * Cliffhanger: No 
   * P.O.V. : Dual both heroine and hero
   * Main Characters- Rex Gunner
                                  Corinne " Rynna" Dayne

   * Characters have a back story: No they meet for the first time in this book 
   * Main story-  For me A.L. Jackson has done it once again.  This book had angst, heartbreak, swoon worthy moments, and so much more.  Rex Gunner is a single father to an adorable 5 year old little girl.  I actually 
                         wish I was her at that age.  Unfortunately, his wife left him three years ago and he has no idea where she is.  He has awesome friends who he can rely on and he has his mom.  Rex has closed himself
                         off from letting other people in and chooses to live his life for his daughter and his job.  
                         Rynna Dayne grew up in a small town of Georgia and because of one incident she ran away from home and the only person who truly cared about her which was her Gramma.  Tragedy, has 
                         forced Rynna to go back to the one place she swore she wouldn't go back to.   When she goes back she realizes her hometown is not as small as it used to be.  She is living in her childhood home, 
                         trying to get her grandmothers business up and running, and has a sexy neighbor who lives across the street with his five year old daughter.  This book definitely has steamy scenes, sexy tension, and
                         leaves you on your seat wanting more.  

Book 2
   Name: Follow Me back
   Author: A.L. Jackson

    *Goodreads: 4.27 
    * Characters: 5
    * Plot: 4.5
    *Interesting: 4.5
    * Tie up loose ends: 5
    * Length: 4.5                       
    * Overall: 4.5

    *Main Characters: Kale Bryant
                                  Harley Hope Masterson 

    * Characters have a back story: No they meet for the first time 
    * Main Story:  I have to say I loved this story from beginning to end.  I didn't want it to end and I wanted to end.  You know what I mean.  I did not read this book I devoured it.  We meet sexy Dr. Kale Bryant in the 
                          first book and you always know there is more to a secondary character but you never know how interesting that character is.  Well Doctor Bryant you are one onion I was ready to peel.  The book starts
                          with Kale getting a promotion and he is going from the hospital to the children's clinic.  As he is celebrating with his friend he finds a beautiful woman who he wants to take home for the night.  And she 
                          totally rejects him.  I love these kinds of story lines.  Kale ends up at a coffee shop and guess who the owner is that is right the woman who rejected him.  Meet Harley "Hope" Masterson.  At first she 
                          seems very much like a homebody and very shy.  She keeps telling Kale her life is complicated but gives no explanation as to why.  Oh and she has an awesome best friend which is so important.  I
                          will give you a little spoiler she does go on a date with him, but her complication is way bigger than I anticipated.  But Kale is no saint either in the heartbreak department and he has his own insecurities.

Book 3
    Name: Lead Me Home
    Author: A. L. Jackson

    * Goodreads: 4.33
    * Characters: 5
    * Plot: 4.5
    * Interesting: 5
    * Tie up loose ends: 5  
    * Length: 4.5
    * Overall: 4.5

    * Main Characters: Oliver "Ollie" Preston
                                   Nikki Walters
    * Characters have a back story: Yes

    * Main Story: We have met both Ollie and Nikki in book one and two.  We have been able to see some what of a dynamic the two of them have together.  We learn in the first book that they have known each other for 
                          years.  In this book we find out they have known each other since they were 5 and six years old.  We also find out that Ollie's sister was really good friends with Nikki.  This book for me was exactly what
                          I needed and wanted.  We get the back story of them as teens and we get where are they going to go now.  The brooding, sexy, tall, hunk of a man Ollie is comes to life and was so worth the wait.  
                          Nikki is just as boisterous, smart mouthed, and outspoken.  But now we get to see that more softer side and vulnerable side.  Just in awe of the ending and yes everything happens for a reason.

My thoughts:

As I am reading these book I am thinking wow three gorgeous guys with independent women.  These men encourage their women to be successful and support them through the process.  They all have a similar quality as to they protect their family and the one's they love.  Most romance books have this fantasy attached with reality. If the author is a good/great author they have this ability to take fantasy and connect you to the character.   I absolutely love it and it is what draws me to this genre of books.  We all teach our kids or even one another to, " not judge a book by it's cover".  Unfortunately, more often then not we do.  We even base on our attitudes towards one another on first impression.  What if we are having a bad day?  What if work just generally sucked for the day?  What if we were running all around for our families and look like utter crap?  Or just wanted to run to the store because in the middle of cooking we are out of eggs.  
 We all have a type and more specifically we all know what we want.  We most definitely want to check all the boxes, but we look for the majority to be checked off.  Most of the time we gravitate towards a spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, or partner based on first attraction.  I am totally an eye girl.  I am not just talking about the color, but the way someone expresses their emotion is their eyes.  Weird, I know but hey it is what got
me my sexy husband!!  Even in the age of the internet we want to see the profile picture before we read about me section.  More often than not it is lust at first sight which can be very exhilarating. It is after what people call it the honeymoon period we finally see the true person. The question always will remain can the outside we are attracted to match the inside.  And that ladies and gentlemen that is the question we all wonder.  There are cases where there is no attraction at first sight.  We fall for the personality and over time they become more and more attracted to them physically.  No matter which camp you fall into love is love right?

So the question I propose to you is: have you ever been "Catfished"? For those who are not familiar with the phrase, TV show, and/or documentary I will give you a little bit of what the word "catfished" means. Catfish means either the name, profile picture, or other significant details are not true.  If for example the persons name is Johanna and she is a brunette, with brown eyes, about 5'0", and she is average looking.  Maybe she is embarrassed about the way she looks or something and develops a whole new person.  Now her name is Candy, the picture is of a blonde, who has green eyes, 5"7, and looks like a model.  In the catfishes mind Candy will be more attractive and get her person.  The person on the other end thinks they are really talking to Candy and Johanna doesn't exist.  Now if you right to the show they have people who get to the bottom of if it is really Candy, but the majority people either find out in person or never know.  Crazy right?  Some of you are probably thinking how stupid could you be and unfortunately I am one of them.

I was "catfished" a few years before the TV show came out and before there was even a name for something like this.  Except for maybe liar!!  When this happened I was a freshman in college and at trying to meet new people.  I am not sure how he found me, but he asked to be my friend on My Space and I accepted.  Let's call him Joe.  What caught my interest was in his profile picture he was wearing a college baseball uniform.  Anyone who knows me knows I am a huge Yankees fan, but still loved me some Chipper Jones!!  Anyway, I thought okay we have baseball in common.  In the picture he was kneeling with a glove on and was a close up picture.  He had no hat on so I was able to see what his face looked like.  He had dirty blonde hair cut short a little longer than a military cut, looked like he had brown eyes, bow shaped lips, straight nose, nice jaw line, looked like he could have been tall, and medium build.  A little after I accepted his request his sent me a message asking all about me.  I answered some of the questions others we keep to ourselves.  Now that I look back it was weird he never really talked about himself just basics.  Like he worked for a construction company during the summer, he lived with his parents while going to school, he had a dog.  He never really went into detail and always avoided anything really personable.  He eventually asked me out on a date and I was a little wary of going out with someone I never met in person.  I found threw him he knew a friend of mine.  When I questioned this friend of mine she totally vouched for him.  (Needless to say I am not friends with her anymore).   I trusted her and agreed to go on the date with Joe.  He asked me to go see, "Duke's of Hazard" at the movie theater that was half way between his house and mine.  

Oh, man was I in for a surprise smh.  I pull up to the movie theater and I call my best friend to let her know I am there.  Promising her half way through the movie I text her to make sure I am okay .  I might be stupid at 19, but at least I knew what the buddy system was and used it.  I got out of my car and walked into the lobby.  When I walk in there are just a few people roaming around or talking , but I don't see Joe.  I start to think maybe he is going to stand me up.  All of a sudden I feel a tap on my shoulder and I turn around.  There is a guy about 5'6", brown hair, green eyes, a little bit on the stocky side, baby face and he is just smiling.  I still can't believe the first words that came out of his mouth.  "Hey, I'm Joe."  Like hold the front door.  This is not the Joe I was talking to or so I thought.  I was in shock I think I said something along the lines are you look nothing like your photo.  Do you know what his excuse was, " Oh that is an older photo I put up there".   I know there are times I am not the smartest person in the room, but come on.  I am not that stupid.   I don't know how long I just sat there and stared at him just in shock.  Finally, I came to my senses and thought well looks are not everything.  

He brought our tickets and got me a popcorn.  As we were walking to the theater in my mind I just couldn't get over how much more was a lie.  So, I started asking questions like what was your era last year and who is your favorite pitcher since he was a pitcher himself.  When he told me his era was a 1 I was impressed, but then he followed up with he doesn't watch any sports.  I was like hold up you play baseball and you don't watch any sports.  He said that it was a waste of time and was boring to him.  My first thought is one you so do not have an era of 1 and my second was you do not play.  At least, do the research or say you haven't had time lately.  I decided to change the subject since we were already sitting down I asked about his job.  He had no idea what company he worked for or what his job title was.  I mean come on if you are going to lie let it be on a subject you know something about and maybe can BS your way threw.  Finally the movie came on and for the two hours sitting there (felt like 2 days) our conversation kept playing over and over in my head.  Yes, I am an over analyzer and proud of it.  

When the movie came to an end I could not get out of my seat quick enough.  I fast pace walked which is not my style well back then it wasn't.   We were standing outside I thanked him and went to go leave.  He went and asked me if I wanted to go for ice cream.  Okay so maybe because I stayed I gave him the impression I was okay with the lies.  I can see it his way and how I might have lead him on, but I most definitely didn't see it coming.  I politely declined and said good night.  I called my best friend and told her I will never do this again (I didn't,  go ahead and pat me on my back) and went home.

I got to give Joe some credit he didn't contact me until a few months later.  He wanted to know if it was okay to ask out a friend of mine.  Of course before I replied to him I contacted my friend.  She informed me they had been talking for sometime and she wanted to date him.  News to me.  I guess you say I gave my blessing.  They dated for a few months and honestly don't know what happened to him.  But I do warn everyone who meets someone online.  I just hope they have better luck than me.

Please leave me know if this has ever happened to you or someone you know.

Remember Shhh!! Me Time!!

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